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Saturday, November 20, 2010

MOFO #4: Compassionate Action for Animals Vegan Potluck!

I am still stuffed. So much good food and tomorrow I get to do it all over again! I made vegan cream of mushroom soup, which not a lot of people ate. Usually I walk away having no food left over after this potluck every year, but apparently people don't give a damn about soup (I usually make dessert...heeee). That's cool. I got a second chance to make it all better tomorrow at Animal Rights Coalition's vegan potluck. Heck yeah!

Here are some pictures from the potluck tonight.
Jake, my good friend, was super excited, and looking quite dapper I might add.

Nobody knows how to put a potluck together like Minnesotans do. So much delicious food. Urgh. I hurt thinking about it all.

My plate. Yep. I attempted to eat all of that.

These tables were chalk full of people eating wonderful vegan foods.

Jake and I were both have serious cases of food comas, but it was so worth it! We didn't even win anything in the damn raffle, and I still thought it was worth it. Tomorrow I'm hitting up the other one. I love potluck weekends. We should do more of these damn things.

MN Vegan

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