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Monday, November 22, 2010

Huge survey everyone is doing.

What's your favorite spice or spice blend? Cinnamon.

You have $20 to spend on fresh groceries and produce for the whole week (with a fairly well stocked pantry of dry goods, legumes, grains, and spices). What do you buy? Green peppers, an onion, tofu. The usual.

What's your favorite way to make tofu? I've been experimenting with silken tofu in desserts and I really enjoy doing that to make healthy pudding, chocolate pudding pie, etc.

Vegan guilty pleasure? Mac n cheese or any vegan cookie.

If you could make anyone vegan, who would it be? My dad.

If you could only read one other vegan blog, what would it be? There's so many. How does one choose something like that?!

Were you always interested in cooking, or did veganism change the way you saw and interacted with food? I loved baking and have always. Being vegan put a new twist on it and made it a bigger challenge.

Excluding analogues, what new things have you tried that you probably wouldn't have as an omni? Nutritional yeast.

What is the one vegan staple that everyone seems to love, but you can't get behind? Teese grate-able cheese. Nasty.

What was your first "wow, I'm such a stereotypical vegan" moment? Last week.

First recipe you veganized? Daiya mac n cheese, even though it wasn't much of a success-it was still fun to see that stuff melt.

What would you like to veganize, but haven't yet? Boston cream pie.

Favorite kitchen utensil/appliance? My batter spatula.

Most disastrous kitchen failure? Vegan baked donut holes. They were hard as rocks!

First vegan cookbook? I honestly cannot remember.

What question about being vegan do you HATE answering? "But isn't it natural for us to eat meat?"

If you could tell the world one thing about vegans, what would it be? It really makes you feel and look better to adopt a vegan diet.

Funniest vegetable? Patty pan squash! That stuff is the shit. I always pretend they're flying sauces and start singing the X Files theme song when I see them.

What is a family recipe you have veganized? Vegan Tollhouse Cookies.

Weirdest food combination? Well, some lady at this vegan potluck I went to made that one sandwich with the two krispy kreme donuts surrounding a hamburger. But a vegan version. That was pretty interesting.

Is there something you wish you could veganize, but can't/couldn't? I would like to try to make a vegan creme brulee one of these days, but I have the sneaking suspicion that's going to be very difficult to do.

Favorite ways to prepare tofu, seitan, tempeh, any other vegan proteins? Let Manfriend make it.

Are your pets vegan? if so, what do you feed them? tell us about having vegan furbabies! Isabella is in the process of becoming vegan as we speak!

Favorite non-dairy milk? I am quite partial to almond milk.

What’s one “vegan myth” you’d like to squash? That veganism is a fad. It is not a fad. I really hope it changes the world someday.

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