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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Vegan MOFO 2010!

It's the last one and the last one for NYC! I'm both saddened (mostly because you didn't even see my other blog because stupid google beleted it), but I'm also very glad! I'm finally coming down to the wire on my NYC pictures and after this post I'm going to show you all how we MN vegans do this shit. In Minnesota. Yup.

STOGO! Ice cream! Who doesn't like this stuff? If you tell me you don't like ice cream, I'm going to call you a witch and never let you be my friend. Ever.
This place was really great, save for the tiny portions. It's always enough for me, but something a lot larger in size would really make the price you pay more worth it.
The taste though....droooool. That is all. FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS DOOZY!

That would be chocolate chip cookie vegan ice cream and vegan chocolate sorbet. Heck yes!

The lady behind the counter was super nice and let me have an extra one of these-a raw pumpkin macaroon! She chatted with us about where we should go the next time we come to NYC. What a nice lady! This macaroon was pretty good-I'm still trying to make myself like shredded coconut, but this was okay.


I also would like to quickly write about Kate's Joint. We had some really excellent bar food at this place. It felt like I was back in Minneapolis at what I like to call "my bar", "my Cheers", etc. Where every knows my naaaaammmmeee!!!!!!!!! aka Triple Rock Social Club.
OK but seriously. Manfriend had vegan chick'n fried steak and I had an awesome vegan taco salad. They were playing Velvet Underground and had some badass (but super nice) lady serving us some very hard liquor. Like I said, it felt like home! Go if you get the chance.

We also tried Little Lads, for their vegan buffet! This was totally worth it. So much vegan food to look at and such an interesting selection! All good. I can't really tell you what all I had, because I ate a fucking shitton. But I recommend you get here not at the buttcrack of closing time like we did to ensure that you get the best food ever. Their menu looked promising too. You don't just have to get the buffet. It's also kind of confusing to get I will say this. It is in that huge skyscraper you think it's in. Yay!

159 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003

Kate's Joint
58 Avenue B
New York

Little Lads
120 Broadway
New York NY 10271

MN, we have arrived. You're next.

MN Vegan

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