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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vegan MOFO #7: NYC! Part 3!

Babycakes NYC, mmhmm. You gots it going awwn, let me tell you. You are where I want to work eventually someday, all cooped up in the back of a kitchen making delicious-smelling things. I was so excited for this bakery that caters to those with food allergies. I love it. A lot of their baked goods were gluten free and all of them were vegan. If you have a mega sweet tooth like I do, I would suggest getting your ass to Babycakes NYC like NOW.
I will put both visits to Babycakes in this post. We went once the first day we were there and once before Melisser's booksigning at Mooshoes. Get ready for some deliciousness to hit you hard and fast, people.

The front counter.

The BAKERY CASE!! Holy crap that's a lot of delicious vegan treats.

The first visit. Starting from the left-pumpkin bread, lemon cupcake with raspberry frosting, cinnamon donut and a pumpkin donut. Yes! All were delicious. Also, I took away a chocolate velvet muffin top. Everything here was fucking spectacular both time we went. Keep that in mind while feasting your eyes on this!:

Our last visit consisted of a chocolate brownie, a pumpkin donut (drooool) and I think that was another lemony cupcake because Manfriend likes lemon a lot.

Overall, this place was tiny but cute. Sweet and satisfying without feeling too guilty afterward from eating the stuff. I love it! Babycakes NYC, you rock.

Babycakes NYC
248 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002

MN Vegan

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