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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vegan MOFO: NYC! Part 1!

So we made it in around noon on a Wednesday...just in time for Atlas Cafe to have in a new order of donuts! Vegan Treats does their donuts, and they were bombass. Check it check it out yo:

THAT, my friends, would be a raised vanilla frosted donut with sprinkles and at the top of the photo, a raised oreo topped cream-filled donut. I know. You're jealous with rage. It's ok. *pats you on back* They are available online at Pangea Vegan Store as well if you can't make it to NYC anytime soon to fill your donut needs.
They were pretty delicious, albeit a little grainy in texture. In short, it's enough to hold me over until I go back to Portland this coming summer, but fuck. It ain't no Voodoo donut. But! We also got breakfast there another one of the days, and that will be another update.
The place itself is cute and cozy and the menu is fucking huge (see above)! You're bound to find something you like there and bakery case will make you drool big time.

Atlas Cafe
73 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

MN Vegan

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  1. Atlas had this red velvet cake that was AMAZING. Can't wait to go back!