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Friday, November 19, 2010

Vegan MOFO: NYC! Part 2!

Yerp. Time for another blog update from yours truly. And a delicious one at that! But kind of short.
Vinnie's in Willamsburg, recommended to me by Isa for its huge fucking slices, had just that! Huge slices! OK, now people. Do NOT do what I did and try to bring back two pieces back to your sleeping manfriend on the subway. It ruins the melty deliciousness of the cheese. I think they use Teese. But anyhoo, the slices are in fact GIANT. And they have interesting flavors, like buffalo chik'n and macaroni-topped slices (pictured below).

The crust is perfect-chewy and delicious. Daiya may have been a better cheese alternative for the pizza's in my opinion, but I appreciate the Teese nonetheless. At least I got a fucking huge vegan pizza slice SOMEWHERE. We don't have this stuff in MN, let me tell you. I was pretty stoked. Also, Vinnie's of Williamburg serves the same pastries that Atlas Cafe does, which is pretty awesome! I got a chocolate donut, and it was fucking heavenly. Not grainy at all, perfectly pillowy and delicious.

Vinnie's did it for me. It can do it for you, too. Stop in soon if you're in the NYC area, mang. Very convenient to have this decent vegan junk food in one area.

Vinnie's Williamsburg
148 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

MN Vegan

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