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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is my new blog. Better start it out with something eye catching, yet emotionally grabbing.

Perfect. That's my dog by the way, Isabella. She's making the vegan transition starting next week. I anticipate a lot of nomming and delicious home-made meals, cooked to wonderous puppy perfection by yours truly. And maybe some alliteration for shits and gigs.
Well anyways, I'm not going to start this off with my trip to New York, because you all would be expecting that. Psh.
I'm going to make good with the rest of vegan MOFO and give you photos of what I makes myself! Waha! What a fucking concept. Please keep in mind that right now I am in the process of a lifestyle overhaul because I'm addicted to sugar. Which isn't a bad thing, I guess. I could be addicted to fucking hamburgers after all. But seriously, sugar can fuck you up big time, from your emotions to your sex life. Who knew?! Fuck sugars man. Fuck em.
On the menu tonight!:
A salad. I know. Boring. But it's got so much good stuff! French dressing from Whole Foods slathering leafy greens and marinated tofu, sprinkling with a handful of walnuts and nooch mang.

I also had banana ice cream, courtesy of the lovely Melissa, who made the damn recipe up (she alleges that she did not, but I'm going to go ahead and give her credit on this one because she typed it up so nicely). You just food process the crap out of frozen bananas and voila! Dessert! I might have topped mine with a little melted hazelnut butter. Hee.
Here's my feelings towards the recipe:

And here's the ice cream, already:

Seriously, make this stuff, people. It'll knock your socks off. Melissa has an archive of recipes on that website that I know are bound to be deliciously healthy, so check em out while you're there.
I also got ambitious a while ago and since I have the iPhone app for the book below...

I made her apple butter! The app is free by the way, and has almost all of the recipes in the book on that iPhone app.

My apple butter looks a little mangled because I ate some, but you get the idea. The recipe is perfect for crockpot cooking...just make sure you keep it on LOW people or you'll burn the heck out of it.
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  1. Aww, such a cute dog! I'm a MN vegan, too. ;-)

  2. Yay! We should totally meet up sometime. I'm now a volunteer with Ethique Nouveau (Animal Rights Coalition, rather). You should come to one of the potlucks! Compassionate Action for Animals' is on Saturday and Animal Rights Coalition's is on Sunday. :) You're dog is fucking cute too.