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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Minnesota, I'm baaaaccck...

What's up homies (literally)?!

Yep, I'm home. I've been home, but this will be my first post in this new blog about Minnesota. The blog has arrived!
I'm going to dedicate this post to something near and dear to my heart. This is, specifically, biscuits and gravy. There are so many ways to fuck up biscuits and gravy. There are so many ways to make bland biscuits and gravy. And then! There's Hard Times Cafe! This place is a gem for Minneapolis. You won't get the kindest service here, but you will get a full belly. This place is DIY up and down. They have donated books for you to read, games for you to play and fuck if they'll bus your table. This place is grungy and I loves it.
Not only that, but I have had many a tasty cheap dish here and they have the BEST VEGAN BISCUITS AND GRAVY EVER IN THIS WORLD. I shit you not, you will not find better biscuits and gravy. I've done the legwork on this one. Promise. This will have even the most omni-est omni down on their knees begging for more.
I got to tell you's the gravy! See?

What's also nice about this place is they have hot sauce and nooch ready for you to top your dish with at the pick-up counter. This is heaven. Flaky biscuits smothered in a thick mushroom (not almond, motherfuckers, nonono, mushroom!) gravy topped with green onions and dices of tomato. Yep, I'm drooling. But wait, there's more.

They also have black bean and corn chili that will burn your ass off. This was perfect if I was a person who could taste their food through a thoroughly fried tongue. Spicy! Not that it was bad at all but I will say once again the word "spicy". Spicy as hell!
Hard Times is also a great place to indulge a sweet tooth and get a decent cup of joe for super cheap. They usually have vegan muffins, cupcakes and cookies and they're freaking huge. It looks like they've been traversing outward though when it comes to their vegan baked goods.

A vegan apple tart. Yep. They only other place I've even seen a vegan tart was in Portland. And maybe in NYC. But not Minnesota, hell no. Same goes for this delectable treat...

A vegan chocolate croissant. Which I have not had until this appeared in front of me. It was awesome! I never even had one of these when I was pregan and the only other place I've ever seen these attempted was in Portland. Hot damn. Makes me wonder where they're getting their vegan puff pastry for that tart...

Anyways, you all should already be there eating by now! What's the deal? Get over there!

Hard Times Cafe
1821 Riverside Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454

MN Vegan


  1. I recently found vegan puff pastry at Holy Land grocery store in NE Mpls. It was a huge find! Plus they have super cheap olive oil, tahini and pomegranate molasses. Mmmmmm... : )

  2. Thank you for this! I will be checking it put right away.