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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Psycho Suzie's in NE Minneapolis!

NE Minneapolis has really become the hot spot to party on the weekends. The people here are fucking nice as hell and there's a couple of strips of really great bars to get your drink on.

Psycho Suzie's is one of my favorite places to, I guess. They have a drink menu a mile long that includes a flaming punch bowl that I might have taken to over the last couple of years. I love this place and have for a while, but they never had a vegan cheese option for their pizza up until they opened up in their new location.
Background: A couple of years ago, I went here with my momma and got a freaking HUGE pizza thinking that they had soy cheese by rumor. Well, they did have soy cheese, but it had casein in it. Gross. So alas, I had a (pretty decent) soy cheese-less pizza.
Well that was then, and this is now!
This place has re-opened in a larger venue a tiny bit closer to my house in NE Minneapolis, AND THEY HAVE DAIYA! Wahoo! Something should be said for the new decor too. Everything is tiki-themed...even the drinks!

I had to go. It was imperative.
I got a medium Daiya soy cheese pizza with all of the vegetables I could handle. This ended up being really expensive so DO NOT order all of the veggies you can handle, unless you get a different size than a medium.

Now I love Pizza Luce very much (mainly because I have to because Manfriend works there) but Psycho Suzie's pizza crust cannot be beat. It's crispy and chewy and at the same time, has the floppiness of a New York style type of pizza beyond the crust. The red sauce, which is vegan, is slightly sweeter than I'm used to, but with the Daiya it created this sweet/savory combination that was really delicious!

And as I noted before, this place is wonderful for really strong tiki drinks. This mug is typical of what your drink would be served in and the tiki mugs are handmade! So freaking cool!

Do not forget about their vegetarian chili (which is vegan without the toppings). It's also great for days when you need something good and hearty in the middle of winter.
Do it up!

MN Vegan

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