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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Heyyyyy guys.

I wanted to plug for the vegan podcast show that I'm the "networking administrator" (cough groupie cough) for. And to prove to you that you need to download the podcast (for free!!!) from iTunes, here is Ryan listening to the podcast from a squash and Dallas approving the entire thing. They are the hosts of the show and are clearly kickass.

So yep. Give them a listen, yo!

MN Vegan

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Something I've been meaning to post for a while.

And now I finally have the ladynads to do it. I'm sick of people treating me like veganism is the only thing defining who I am as a person. They hear the word and shove me into this mold. One of the first reactions I get a lot is "you don't look vegan".
How is a vegan supposed to look? How am I supposed to even react to something like that? My first reaction would be to be slightly offended I guess?
Is it possible to "look" vegan?
What about "acting" vegan? I imagine this might entail a militant vegan response to every situation in life, but that is the EXACT opposite of the person I ever wanted to be. I do not agree with this and I will not stand to be treated this way.
I think one of the reasons I don't outwardly enjoy being defined as a vegan is because of the stigma that sticks to that word.
I am so many other things.
I am a music whore, violinist, baker, hippy, mommy to a wonderful dog, girlfriend to a fantastic man, best friend, daughter, lover, sister, godmother and many many other things. I am NOT just a vegan and I will not let it define me the way it has in the past. I don't enjoy that the first thing people ever find out about me is that I'm vegan. What about all of the other things I do?

This goes to say, I'm not ashamed of being vegan, it's just a facet of who I am. Veganism will never control everything I say and do and I think that is so freeing in a way. I've been putting too much pressure on myself to really wear veganism like a big, neon sign hanging around my neck. I'm ready to let the other parts of me shine through too.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Tofurkey Day!

Hope you all have a great holiday and safe travels this Thanksgiving!

MN Vegan

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Vegan Potlucks!

Welp, it just started snowing here folks. In Minnesota. In the middle of November. You would have thought it would have been here by now, ya dig?
I'm having a better attitude about it this year, I think. I welcome the snow. I realized quite a while ago that I need to change my attitude about Minnesota weather in order to feel like this place can be my home. There's so many good things here! Minneapolis is a kickass city too. And I think we all could have a little more pride in the places we come from.
Because honestly, if I were to fly by the seat of my pants and be finicky like I usually am, I would up and move to Portland, no questions asked. Yep.
So here I am, in my snowy city with my dog and my cozy basement apartment and I'm happy as a fucking clam.
I went to two this last weekend...Compassionate Action for Animals and Animal Rights Coalition each ran their own respective Thanksgiving vegan potlucks and both were fantastic!
Look what I had at both...

Both were excellent. It's like...going to Old Country Buffet. But vegan. And Thanksgiving-ish. And amazing. You should go sometime...seriously.

MN Vegan

Friday, November 11, 2011

Chicago! And stuff.

That there is the Wisconsin sunrise. Yap.

So the boyfren and I went to Chicago this last weekend. He visited a friend while I went to Chicago Vegan Mania to promote Midwest Vegan Radio. We ended up staying a night with his friend and his friend's girlfriend, which was super nice. We had a night on the town and saw some good music be played by some Chicago-based bands. Wicked.

I stopped a few places on the way, namely the new Native Foods and Bleeding Heart Bakery.

Native Foods was first. We stopped for lunch and here's what we had yo!:

My vegan fish tacos were excellent. His vegan dish was indian curry-ish, which is not my fave but the tempeh was seasoned nicely so that's a plus.

Then! I headed to Vegan Mania, promoted the shit out of the radio show and walked to Bleeding Heart Bakery. Here's what I got (pssst, everything was pretty phenomenal):

That would be a chocolate peanut butter brownie and a hazelnut cakeball. Totally where it's at if you ask me. I also got the boy a banana brownie and my mother a rocky road brownie, both vegan and unfortunately not pictured here. Yummmmm.

I had a good time. Traveling with the boyfren was the best part in my opinion though! I know, barf. Whatever.

ATTENTION MINNESOTA VEGANS: Donut Cooperative is now open for business in the old Cake Eater Space. Get your vegan donuts now I says!

I'm outty!

MN Vegan

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cool beans.

I was contacted (literally in the entry prior to this one) by someone affiliated with Get Vegucated, which seems to be like a pretty cool movie to go see and get educated about vegetarianism/veganism. I was instructed to share this link: CLICKY!

If you are in MN, the premiere is in Minneapolis. You should go. Click here for info about the Minneapolis Premiere on 11/7. I probably will be there. I give out high fives to people, so if you see someone walking toward you like this,

don't be alarmed. Just smack that hand back yo and then we can be chums and stuff. Woop!

MN Vegan

Friday, October 28, 2011

Heyyy ya'llllll!

There are some sweet things coming up in my life that I just want you know about!
I am going to be heading to Chicago Vegan Mania on Saturday November 5th! Woop! If you are in the midwest, I tell you what. If you find me at Chicago Vegan Mania, I will give you the biggest high five you've ever seen. It'll be EPIC. Click here for the MVR blog and make sure to like us on Facebook/Twitter!

Oh hey. Have you guys heard about the radio show I am the "networking administrator" for (Midwest Vegan Radio)? If not, you should search us on iTunes, go to OR! HIGH FIVE MY AT CHICAGO VEGAN MANIA. Find me. I'll be wearing a Midwest Vegan Radio tee and sporting epic smelly hat hair from the 6-7 hour drive over. What up!

Ok ok. So everyone knows I like wine right? WELL.
When one has drank too much wine and then wakes up in Minneapolis somewhere wanting to bike to a place that's close and provides a good ol' cup of coffee and possibly some sweetass vegan flapjacks, there are a few places in the Twin Cities that I would recommend for the complete hangover cure. And you don't even need to get all spruced up for these places either-you can come in as smelly and hungover as you want.

These are, in no particular order:
1. Triple Rock Social Club (for the weekend brunch)
2. Hard Times Cafe
3. Bad Waitress
4. Seward Cafe!

You've heard me blab on this thing enough about numbers 1-3, but number 4 on my list also does a damn good job as I found out the other day.

Here's what I had!:

The vegan pancakes at Seward Cafe are the closest thing to pancakes I remember having at Denny's or Perkins when I was a kid. Good stuff. You should go and check 'er out. Yap. I'm out!

MN Vegan

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been sucking it up when it comes to Vegan Mofo. I did this last year too. Bit the big one-HARD. I suck.
Anyways, here's my attempt at updating you about what's going on in my life. I have been dating...gasp! An omni. He's so cool. I know you'll understand.
My dog has been vegan for quite a while. You might have already known this. It's cool.

I got some ideas...some big ideas and they're hopefully about to take the next step up. I'm glad I'm about to do what I'm about to do...but! It's secret. Hee.
Right now I am fully satisfied with where my life is headed. I love it.

Ok ok! I know all you REALLY wanted from me was a food review. So here goes.
A couple of weeks back I went to a couple of places that served sweet sticky rice for dessert. FUCK MAN. If I could eat sweet sticky rice every night for dessert I would probably have more foodgasms in my life. YUM.
A couple of friends and I celebrated my moving into a new place by going to Sen Yai Sen Lek, which is a Thai joint literally 20 feet from my new place. Ok not literally but whatevs, it's right down the damn road.
The mango sticky rice in coconut milk was divine! I also had this veggie dish. It was ok. Nothing spectacular about it accept for the fact that I couldn't pronounce it. We also had some fried tofu. Good thing I can pronounce that, because it was fucking tasty.

I also went to Amazing Thailand for the first time ever. It's located conveniently right in the uptown area. I enjoyed the mango sticky rice dessert. The place also has a very colorful interior. VERY colorful. If I was drunk I'd probably have a heyday and flip the fuck out.

I would recommend both restaurants for awesome restaurant experiences and for the fact that they have SEPARATE VEGAN MENUS. Delicious and not too expensive!
Totally awes. I'm out yo!

MN Vegan

Friday, October 7, 2011

Matchbox treats and other thangs.

Cafe Matchbox, my fave cafe in my neck of the woods (NE MPLS), has vegan pastries every once in a while, supplied by Mayday Cafe (South MPLS). I did not realize how freaking amazing the pastries were until I bought one the other day, go figure! It was a vegan chocolate chip cookie with nuts.

In one word, "stellar"-gooey, sweet as hell with a little nutty taste and crunch.
Check 'er out, ya'll: things with the blog. I want to make this about more than vegan food, and really all I talk about here is food. And don't get me wrong, food is fucking awesome. But I'd like to share with you all other important parts of my Minnesotan life, like my ambitions, dog, love, problems, music, etc etc. I think it would be extra super special if I were able to share those kinds of things on here.
So I guess I'm deviating from what vegan MOFO really is all about. God, I'm such a punkass, as usual.

MN Vegan

Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011


You best believe I'm going to do my damnedest to post every day this month. It's aaaawwwwwnnnnnn, like f'sho.

MN Vegan

Friday, September 30, 2011

This just in: True Thai is kickass.

I'm also going to send some lovin' to Tao Natural Foods. Their food is delicious, healthy and awesome as hell. I'm so tired of eating all of this good food here in Minneapolis. Something's got to give and start sucking balls soon or I'm going to explode. Just kidding.

Ok so I had this delicious little ditty at True Thai. It was excellent. Perfect seasoning and heat in the peanut sauce.
I was really excited that the waitress knew what "vegan" meant. You can ask them what's animal-free on the menu and they'll fill you in.
Ok ok here's what I had already!

Ok I also disappeared to Tao Natural Foods for a couple hours one day. They have a happy hour at their juice bar. That's just too cute. Most of their stuff is vegan and I think all of it is vegetarian? Pretty sure about that one.
Ok here's the wrap: it was spicy and delish.

The juice next to it was a mixture of berries and beets. I typically hate beets to the core, but this wasn't bad. And it made me super happy. I love juice.

Ok doods!
I'm outty 5000!

MN Vegan

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ooooohhhh Mimicreme...

Dear Mimicreme,

You are fucking delicious. Especially when I make ice cream out of you. You are insanely yummy and...I love you. I do. I love Mimicreme.

There are so many ways you can prepare this stuff. You can put it in your goddamn coffee, in your latte, make iced cream out of it and many many other things. You could likely make a kickass white russian out of it even. Yeah. And it's allergy-friendly and made with only with nuts. Cool, right?!
Here's some pictures of me, Mimicreme and some ice cream I made with it. Oh the memories...

You could probably use this stuff in place of sweetened condensed milk if you thicken it with agar agar or something along those lines.

Go out and get it! This stuff is a dream come true for those that have been looking for something a little thicker than soy creamer.

MN Vegan

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bad Waitress does it again!

Oh man. I cannot express to you how much it rules having a place like the Bad Waitress within biking proximity. I'm super stoked about this place having all of the following: kickass vegan food, kickass vegan shakes and kickass vegan desserts. Also, the place itself is pretty kickass.

My mom went mostly vegan recently and has been keeping it up for the last 2-3 months. I'm super proud of her that she's maintaining the lifestyle in any capacity, because I feel it may shine some light into how I've been living my life for the last 7 years. She can finally grumble along with me when dad orders a fucking huge steak. Just kidding. I don't grumble.

So anyways! I got the veggie burger. It' s hand-made patty that is effing stellar and seasoned nicely. See this monster below, ya'll!

Holy crap, right? Yeah, it's huge and delicious.
My mom got the vegan sloppy joe. It was delectable.

I have posted the shake in a previous entry about this place. It's arguably the best vegan shake in town.

There's no reason why you shouldn't go here if you're in the area. The restaurant itself has a old 50's diner appeal and the food keeps getting better.

Like I said, go. Eat. Prosper.

MN Vegan

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I fucking KNEW IT.

I knew I'd cave to your requests sooner or later. Here I am, back again. Updating the shit out of this blog. Hollerrrr.

H'okay! Washington D.C., ya'll!

Seeing the sights was only half the fun, too. D.C. is extremely vegan-friendly and a lot of fun to visit. I had the most incredible time, thanks to my cousin and his lovely wife. They put me up for three nights and four days and it was such an incredible experience to be able to stay with them and see the city.

All right. Time to get down to business. The first place I stopped at from the light rail (you can use it to get ANYWHERE in D.C. btdubs) was Sticky Fingers Bakery.

Lordy, this place was heaven on earth. They have vegan treats up the wazoo as well as savory eats for those that aren't interested in a the biggest sugar coma they've ever had. Me though? Of course I chose the sugar coma. Say hello to breakfast!

Check this place out, people. Their food and pastries cannot be beat. I even got a burrito and a peanut butter pie one of the days I was there (pictured below). They have a deli case full of different kinds of bulk mock meats and grab-n-go eats as well. I really wish I would have been able to catch their brunch to have some biscuits and gravy, but alas I did not. Regardless, this is a must-visit for people visiting our nation's capital. Yep.

Another place that you may want to visit on your excursion in D.C. is Cafe Green. I had a really tasty raw peanut butter shake and veggie burger there. They have a lot of raw items on the menu. I didn't even order dessert because I was already so full from the shake and burger. Yummmmmm.

Last but not least! Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant in Falls Church! I liken this place to a very healthy Loving Hut. Great Asian-inspired dishes and dessert. I had a vegetable medley with some mock meat and a slice of chocolate cake to top off the meal! Delectable!

I would recommend traveling to and seeing Washington DC in all its glory to EVERYONE. It's so vegan-friendly and beautiful. There are tons more pictures to show you guys, but that would be a long-ass entry and you'd probably get bored with me gushing about all of the national monuments and the art I saw. So go see it for yourself, yo! There's no reason not to!

MN Vegan

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's get down to biznassssss!

Ok, here I go.
It has been quite a while since I have posted something legit lately, so here goes everything. I've been making some huge changes in my life, and I also got out of town for a couple of days courtesy of my lovely cousin and his wife in Washington, D.C. but I will blog about that experience at a later date-pinky swear.

First! I wanted to take a moment to discuss something that's become very near and dear to my heart...and body.

This entry is not about food my friends, but the benefits of doing hot yoga. I attend Moksha Yoga in Minneapolis. They have a karma yoga class that only cost $5 every Friday. Ugh it's soooooo good. It's like therapy, but not just for your mind, but your body as well. The gist of it is basically, you're holding yoga poses in 105 degree heat. It's pretty kickass and kind of schmexy and I may have balled every single session so far. Like I said, it'll make you sweat out the heavy stuff.

I will tell you nothing but the truth. I have been going through the biggest change in my life this last month, and it has been difficult. Going to hot yoga every week has allowed me to sweat out all of the bullshit, and I kid you not. It is FREEING. And at Moksha Yoga, they make it an experience. It is cleansing for my emotional and mental well-being. I'd recommend it to anyone that is open to new experiences. I've also linked Moksha Yoga up there so you can visit the site. Check out hot yoga in your area. It's addicting and freaking life-changing.

Heck yes!

MN Vegan

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apologies, my friends.

I have been so super busy in the last month. I'm sorry if you are anxious for another entry from me, but you're going to have to HOLD ONTO YOUR GODDAMN HORSES. Okey?

MN Vegan

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coffee, buzz buzz, coffee, buzz.

Look at this heavenly shit!

That would be my first breffest in my new dig in NE Mipples (Minneapolis/Mpls? Mipples? Get it? FUCK.) I'm honestly just down the road from where I was before.
That up there be sauteed peppers, avocado and veggie sausage with shroom gravy. Oh, and an orange-don't want to get scurvy.

Welp, I'm all aloney on my owney with Bella in the new place and even though today is the first day, I already feel superb. It's starting to look really nice and I slept fantastically last night.

Ok! Getting down to business. I went to The Bad Waitress last week on a whim when I was waiting for a bus to come pick me up after dropping a bike off for repairs at my good friend Dave's house (hi Dave!).

I should start out by saying that I am a pancake snob. I like them thick, a tiny bit dense and a lot fluffy. You could say that I like pancakes like I like my pillows. Well, their corncake is not only huge for the five or so dollars you pay for it, it's also fantastic-tasting! Check 'er out:

UGH IT'S SO GOOD, GO GET THIS NOW IF YOU WANT A PANCAKE THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD. And that other pic is the best vegan vanilla shake in Mipples I'd say. But you go ahead and let me know if you find a better one because I will try it and probably post my thoughts about it here at some point. Yep.

Today I'm making the trek to Perham, MN for some family time and snorty puppy fun with the mooker (Bella).
I'm outty 5000, keep it sleazy.

MN Vegan

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Modern Times Cafe and Green is the New Red

So I've been to this new place that serves awesome vegan food in South Minneapolis a handful of times but have never really wrote about it until now. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?!

Modern Times Cafe is a pretty kickass diner that kind of swings in the same ballpark as Hard Times Cafe, but is slightly less...rustic. It's a fairly tiny place on the inside to be able to handle the traffic that it has on the regular. It's also located near the Powderhorn Park area of Minneapolis, a (from what I hear) growing neighborhood early in its hipster-dom.

They have many vegan options on the menu, and serve either breakfast or lunch, depending on what time of day you come in to eat. I've only been there for lunch, and they have a wide selection of veggie sammies to choose from. Below is the Voyeur: tempeh, avocado, mayo and veggies on toasted bread. It was delectable!

Here's an inside look at the place. Like I said, it's pretty tiny, but their coffee bar is super fun to sit at.

Go there now! This place is a must-eat in Minneapolis.

Ok. I have been reading this book, Green is the New Red, and for the first time in my life I can honestly tip my hat to extreme animal activists. Let me explain...

Personally, activism as defined by me as leafleting, tabling and peacefully getting the message out there that what society is doing to animals these days is NOT ok, is a far stretch from what the people in this book have done to bring down million-dollar businesses that have insanely cruel animal-testing and use practices. I am lucky if I even change one person's thoughts in a day when it comes to my way of trying to advocate for the animals. I am not extreme in my measures, and I actually advocate more of "baketivism"-a term coined by Isa Chandra M. as communicating by way of what we eat to spread the vegan love-than an actual activist approach to bringing down walls.
I always thought that PETA was obnoxious. I've been raised to live and let live and I will probably do this for the rest of my days. I don't feel it is my right to judge people for the food choices they make, mainly because although I hope I'm doing the right thing and it feels right, how do I know it is in and of itself, "right"? So there's that.

The people outlined in Green is the New Red are insanely courageous and I commend them (even the ones in prison). Because of the extremity of their actions (arson, vandalism, etc. but mind you NEVER physically harming a human) these people have been put on domestic terrorist lists and condemned. The other side of this is that, like I said before, the work that these people have done has brought down huge corporations that had horrible animal cruelty practices going on behind walls. Their action grabbed media attention by the horns and after explaining what these people did, why they did it was the reason for the corporations' downfall.
I'm so moved by this book, I can't explain it. For years I thought people like this were insane and now it's really clear that their work is not for nothing or to just be an inconvenience. They actually do make a difference and though I probably would never be courageous enough to do anything remotely as extreme, I commend them for doing what they felt they needed to do.
I hope that gives you an idea of what the book is about. It really is a very interesting book. I am very grateful to have met Will Potter and hear him speak about the book last night. I also cannot put it down.
Here is Will's website where you can buy the book among other awesome things. I really want the "domestic terrorist" apron.

I'm out ya'll!

MN Vegan

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy B Day to Bella!

Bella is 2 today! I love my little one. Happy birthday, my little love!

Monday, June 6, 2011

T.O.F.U. Magazine

This online vegan 'zine hailing from our neighbors up north (Canada) is incredible! I would recommend it to anyone. I honestly cannot stop reading. The best part about it is that you can pay whatever amount you want for it (yes, even $0) and it's a completely electronic 'zine! No paper waste. FINALLY.

Support these guys! They rule.

MN Vegan

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Uncommon finds...

The title of this blog post is about as mysterious as it gets...
*cues spooky music*

And NOW! Let me tell you a tale so mysterious, it has mystified the unmystifiable. Behold!


I'm talking about the ones on menus.

Ok let's get to it. I understand supporting restaurants that support us (vegans) and offer a menu with several vegan items to choose from. I REALLY DO, believe me. But there's something (mysteriously) awesome about a chef that's willing to step up to the plate (hee) to create something vegan off of the top of the noggin because there's nothing vegan offered on the regular menu.
Meritage in St Paul did it for me once and granted it was a vegetable dish, IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. You could tell this chef took his sweet time making sure that the dish was something I'd be more than satisfied with. He made me a salad of baby greens with a tomato reduction, seasoned to perfection and topped with tender morels that had also been sauteed in delicious oils and seasonings. That, of course, was a couple of years ago, but FEAR NOT! I shall not leave you with an empty stomach.

Jacks Cafe in south Minneapolis is a great example of this. I was going in there with some good friends to see if we could get some good vino in our systems and we discovered, once sitting down that we were also pretty damn hungry. Well, we were able to ask questions about two of the dishes and boy, am I glad we did. The top picture is Ryan's veggie quesadilla. It was filled with tender veggies and came with a side of really deliciously-seasoned fries. I got the portabella black bean burger, shown below Ryan's dish. IT was INSANE (read: chewy and beany and delicious). I would definitely go back. The only thing I will say is to order any sandwich you get there on focaccia because it is vegan. Woop!

Ryan and I ended up also going shopping a couple of days later and we wanted to vino it up again, preferably someplace that served vegan food if we so needed it. The first place was a bust (Victoria's in uptown). Bleh-they serve veal. I definitely would never give my dollar to a place that supports that kind of cruelty, but that's just me.

We ended up at Barbette (right across the street) which had two! Count em, two dishes that could be made vegan. We shared this delicious dill rice dish and some slices of warm, soft baguette. Magnifique!

The point of this post is that we should be encouraging places to offer at least a couple of vegan items that people like us could choose from. I'm very glad that the two restaurants in this post did! It's really great when it's labeled too-much more convenient. And if you're almost certain that something could be made vegan on request, be inquisitive. Ask if there's any way that they could prepare it as such and don't be shy-any good restaurant would likely rise to the occasion.

Welp, au revoir!

MN Vegan

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I suck.

Yep, you heard it from me first. Though I am kickass at making delicious desserts and am sensitive the chemistry process required to make said delicious desserts, I usually suck balls at baking bread. I think it might be the yeast part of it. It also might be the mixing part of it (kneading, etc.). I really don't know what I do wrong most times, but I'd say that it might have to do with not following the directions PRECISELY in one way or another. For instance, I made whole wheat focaccia:

It baked up ok but subbing whole wheat flour for white was NOT the right idea. So lesson learned: When baking bread, follow the damn recipe, Norine. Follow it, I says!!

MN Vegan

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stuff I've been eatin'.

(Pssttt...all my entries have links to the places I'm talking about...yep. Just scroll your mouse over a restaurant name and it'll take you to the website. I'm helpful huh?)

First up. Look at what happened to my muffin!!

What the crap?! Actually this was totally my fault. I put it in my backpack with a bunch of other items and unfortunately it got smashed. I got the muffin at Caffetto, a really great coffee shop in Uptown Minneapolis. They have vegan baked goods that come from Hard Time Cafe so you can have delicious pastries with your delicious coffee.

Manfriend and I also had dinner at The Depot again. I got a salad this time!

This salad was covered in a coconut curry dressing and was super tasty. I think it might be the only vegan salad on the menu but it's pretty darn good.

I'm working on some freelance writing jobs for a news source in Richfield currently and sometimes I like to swing over to Edina (about 5 miles away) and go to People's Organic (the restaurant!) I LOVE their coffee-French Meadow serves it. But they also have a cute new restaurant that has a delicious veggie burger among other vegan items. It's a bit pricey, but good! Here's a what I got.

The veggie burger was SO good. So so good. It's a homemade patty with a bunch of different spices, is a bit fall-y apart-y, but nonetheless AWESOME. The chocolate raspberry tart thingy left much to be desired. This was also way fall-y apart-y and though it had good raspberry flavor, the flavor was not matched by a savory butteryness which is how I like my desserts. There needs to be a careful balance between savory and sweet and this definitely overloaded the sweet. But I ate it all. Teehee.

Finally, Zakia Deli!! This place is over yonder in the NE Minneapolis neighborhood. I could bike there if I wanted to, thats how close it is. They make kickass Lebanese food, most of which (if you ask) is made vegan! Woo! Here's what I got:

In the container from the top left and going clockwise: red pepper hummus, this tomtatoey rice dish that was excellent, majaddra, tabouleh and chickpea salad. I also got pita bread and (on the far right) some sfouf. My two favorite parts of this meal were my friend Zeina (she's awesome) and the mujaddra. Holy balls! This lentil/rice dip was buttery and delicious. I even made it at home and it is so simple to make, your head will combust. The has star anise in it. Star anise is not my favorite, but the little sugary bread was good. It was made with semolina flour and a handful of different spices. The tabouleh is like no tabouleh I've ever had! True Lebanese tabouleh has less grain and more green I guess, which in my opinion makes the dish better.

So. That's where I been in literally the last week. Good times. Everyone should check these places out! They have more delicious vegan stuff on the menus that I did not try, so get your butt over to one of these awesome places and stuff your face.

MN Vegan