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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bad Waitress in Minneapolis

The Bad Waitress is an amazing diner that has several vegan options on the menu and a delicious looking chocolate cake just waiting to be eaten by me (someday).
This place has 50's diner style decor with great music and a freaking magical brunch menu with several vegan options. Basically, there is no waitress, just someone who brings you food and cleans the table. You write down your order on a order tab that's on your table and bring it up to the cash register. Write down your table location, and then wait for delicious eats to come to you! We were at the Frankenstein table. Hee.

Please see the website for more deets!: Clicky!

First, Manfriend and I took notice of the fact that they had a vegan shake on the menu, so it was critical that we ordered this. It is pictured below.

I was scrumptious! I don't know how anyone could mess up a shake, but I'm sure it could happen. Tasted like a vanilla shake to me.

On one occasion, I ordered the Death Valley Veggie Wrap pictured above. Chalk full of delicious crunchy veggies, this was pretty damn good, even as a leftover!

The two dishes pictured above were the tempeh/tofu scrambles we had once when we came for breakfast. They were kind of bland, but add a little salt and hot sauce and this dish was simple but tasty!

All in all, this place is kind of pricey but the coffee is good, the food is decent and the restaurant itself it really fun to visit! It has that old 50's diner appeal, which I like a lot. I haven't tried their chocolate cake yet but by the power of the sugar addict in me, it will happen. We also have many items on the menu left to try and I honestly can't wait!

The Bad Waitress
2 E 26th St
Minneapolis, MN 55404

MN Vegan

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