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Saturday, January 15, 2011


"Santa" aka my parents (shh don't tell them I know) got a me some silicon cupcake liners for XMAS. Yay!! No more waste! So I made low fat vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with them and it was SO CONVENIENT and non-wasteful that my head exploded.
Have a looky (not at my exploded head, at the muffins):

Ohhhh yeeaaahh (Barry White voice). You know you want a taste. Sorry, they're long gone, people.
Recently, I took Manfriend out for a fancy happy hour at Senor Wong in downtown St Paul where they have taco Tuesdays ($2 tacos people!) and the vegan "mockos" on the menu are included in this awesome deal. So fucking good. The "mockos" are deliciously seasoned, spicy as hell and they come with a lime to spritz on them and a slice of avocado!

Sorry the picture is so dark, but there's our "mockos" and the edamame appetizer on the left in a steam basket. We washed it all down with some very strong drinks (below). I was not fit to drive after all of that and Manfriend drove us home, but it's nothing a walk in the skyway, food and water couldn't fix.

Pictured here is the Shanghai Lemonade on the left and the Donkey Punch on the right. These drinks are not for pussies though so be aware that they are extremely delicious and alcoholic at the same time. Beware, I says!

I will definitely be going back to Senor Wong. It is easily my favorite happy hour joint in St Paul, near my work and it's freaking awesome that they have vegan items labeled on their menu. Go now!!

Senor Wong
111 Kellogg Boulevard East
Saint Paul, MN 55101

MN Vegan

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