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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vegan XMAS Take Two!

Now, I've showed you what I made for XMAS in my last post. Now is the time I show you how generous my family is and how they accomodate Manfriend and I.
First up!: Vegan bacon cheddar dip. Bacon cheddar dip in my pregan days was a staple of every XMAS eve with my dad's side of the family. It's not the best thing for you, but in my opinion, it is essential to XMAS eve. That's why we veganized it this year! Vegans are so lucky to have Daiya.
To make, you will need the following:

And that's it. Fuck yes!

Mix half the jar of Nayonaise with about 3/4 the package of daiya, add as many Bacos (they're vegan, people) as you deem necessary and garlic powder to taste.

Put that shit on a chip and eat it. EAT IT I SAYS. You will love.

Next up, for XMAS dinner. My aunt made us vegan lasagna from a recipe I (regrettably) haven't asked her for yet. Let me just say this though...the filling involved spinach, tofu AND cream cheese and it was topped with mozzarella Daiya. Have a looky:

Again, probably not the best thing for you but if Manfriend is begging you to get the recipe, you'd best believe this was drool-worthy. Yap.

To close this post, I wanted to share something with you. I recently bought some vegan make-up from Bare Escentuals and had a consultation in the store where she make-upped me and I bought a whole crapton of beauty supplies that this girl claimed were cruelty free. Well, they sold me the set they try to sell everyone and 2 of the 3 make-up brushes had goat hair. I found this out by going to (Melisser Elliot's very helpful cruelty-free make-up site! Woooo! I lobe her!). I emailed the company and they were (surprisingly) very willing to give me a set of their synthetic make-up brushes (shown below). How nice! And I am very grateful-these brushes do the trick without the cruelty. Yes!

Thank you, Bare Escentuals!

MN Vegan

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