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Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 years, here I come!

It's time to begin fresh. Tomorrow marks the five year anniversary of my relationship with Manfriend. He has changed so much and I am so proud of how far he's come as a person. I also have done some changing for the better, and it's time to seal the deal for real. Hee.
I don't mean marriage, I mean healing. Manfriend and I have been through very rough times in the past and though we've been working to try and rise above it all, it has been a rough ride up until this last year.
I would say the biggest thing I've learned is to keep in mind that people do change, though it's very hard to do. Not many people would stick it out through a tumultuous rollercoaster like ours, but I'm glad to say that we have. We have seen the best and worst of each other and even if some point in our lives we go separate directions, he will always be a good friend. There's nothing like true forgiveness.

OK! Enough of that crap, I got to get this show on the road, people and I ain't slowing down for anyone. I've got a health/sleep/exercise/attitude overhaul in the works and this time it's going I'm determined!
Guiding me soundly will be Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Diet book that I got for the five year anniversary from Manfriend! I'm ready to rid myself of sugar cravings, mopy-ness and the like and this book definitely has been showing me the way. Kris Carr is a cancer survivor (to clarify, she actually still has it as it is a very rare form of cancer that never goes away but has dramatically improved her health by kicking many bad habits) and she is one powerful case of kickass. I admire her. With lifestyle changes, I need boundaries (which is why calorie counting worked so well for me, but in the end lead to chipped nails, digestive problems, etc. yuck!) and she not only gives very detailed descriptions about how to get your health (not weight! Wahoo!!) back on track, she gives you proof that it works-her! I'm super excited to try the juice cleanse and the 21 day kickstart thingy. I'm really optimistic!
Click here for her website, which has tons of good information about how a mostly vegan, raw/whole food diet really is the best thing you can do foryourself. Move over Skinny Bitch (though I still love you, SB), here comes a healthy smack in the face.

I will still be baking my schtuff-don't think there's not room for that in this diet! Get ready for one of the most decadent of the French desserts in my next update. It's going to be a freaking magical.

Peace and ohhhmmm,
MN Vegan

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  1. I LOVE Kris Carr! She is so inspiring, and that book has changed my life! I was already vegan before I read it, but it has really helped me overhaul my lifestyle habits, kick my sugar cravings, and get my butt in gear to exercise everyday (or almost everyday...). :)

    Happy 5 year anniversary! Relationships certainly do have their ups & downs, but when you're with the right person, the tough times are definitely worth it. :) Cheers!