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Friday, February 4, 2011

Delicious deliciousness.

Is one post a week enough? I have no clue, but I realize that this is what I'm doing. Meh.

SO. Yes. Here we are. *awkward silence*

*crickets chirping*


Ok I swear I'm done foolin'. I'm going to give you all the best, most tasty update EVER in the history of this blog. *rolls up sleeves* Aaaannnd SHAZAM!

FIRST THING'S FIRST. I made cupcakes tonight for Cupcakes for Their Sake happening at Ethique Nouveau in south Minneapolis tomorrow at noon. On the menu: vegan peanut butter cup cupcakes and vegan strawberry cheesecake cupcakes. Have a looksee:

Mmmm. I also felt generous and made Manfriend a vegan chocolate peanut butter cheesecake! What what.

Manfriend and I have been going a little nuts lately, as in we have cabin fever. We lived it up though this last week and as a result, spent waaaay too much money. First! We went to Evergreen Chinese which has by far the BEST vegan Chinese food in Minneapolis. It's family owned and really popular for its deliciousness. I really need to stop using that word.
Anyway, I strayed from my usual this time (kung pao vegan chicken) and went straight for the mock fried peppered pork!

I can see why this is one of my friend's (Ryan) favorites. It's not saucy by any means, but it has a spicy kick that'll knock your socks off and a savory flavor that can't be beat. The breading is extra tender too, if you like breaded mock meats. WHICH I DO. Though I still prefer my kung pao to this (sorry delicious mock pork), this gave that longstanding favorite run for its money, and that's saying something I think.

We then went to the Chinese grocer across the way for some mochi and stocked up on cans of mock meat. If you do not know what mochi is (also can be called diafuku), google it, buy it and thank me. You're welcome, my friend. Hint: it's a sweet treat.

Aaand, look what I found at the uptown the Wedge, on Vegan Pizza Day no less!

Alas, I did not buy it but it's good to know what is new and vegan. The St Paul Whole Foods has vegan take-home pizza with Daiya on it. Sweeet.
I also found (new) vegan mini cookies at the uptown Whole Foods! They had vegan snickerdoodle and vegan chocolate chip. I, of course, got two of the snickerdoodle cookies. YUM.

They were dense and delicious! The perfect little treat.

HEY MINNESOTA VEGANS: You guys really should hit up Hard Times Cafe in Minneapolis. They've been stepping up their vegan baked goods and I saw VEGAN BISMARKS there the other night. What!? YEP. Do as I say. Just a little shout-out to a personal favorite, ya know. ;) Hell yes for increasing the availability of delicious vegan food in Minnesota. I'm personally really proud of how far veganism has come here.

Ok guys, that's my post. Have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you on the (delicious) flipside.

MN Vegan

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