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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh heyyyy.

Why hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things were heating up at work and mix that with lack of sleep and a hectic non-work schedule and you got me cowering at the end of the day, not wanting to do much of anything.
I've been (not very closely) following the Crazy Sexy (non) Diet book for information on how to feel better and not worry about food so much and it has really helped. I am a (almost) changed woman! Love it. I would recommend this book to anyone that really wants to learn how to eat not only better, but saner.
Anyways, hmmmm where have been lately...ah yes. Ecopolitan! If you look up Minneapolis on, you'll find that there's one completely vegan restaurant here and this is Ecopolitan. It has a completely raw vegan menu and I personally love going here because I can eat and eat and still not be completely full. The food is delicious and presented so artfully and the portions are not too bad either.
Ok, I know what you're thinking. "Sarah, aren't you going to talk about the fucking food?"

Patience, little goat, patience.


I started my meal with a carrot/orange/ginger juice. I fucking loathe carrot to the core, but I really liked this! It was sweet and the ginger and orange overpowered the carrot so I didn't taste much of it at all! Yum. A perfect start to my meal.

Ok, so now I'm all high on delicious juice right? RIGHT. But next came the main dish!

The taco salad! I usually either get this or the living pizza. This salad is huge, has tomatoes and red peppers and a fake spicy lentil meat as well as avocados drenched in a cashew-y spicy dressing. DAMN. This salad was fantastic! I felt awesome after eating this too. High five!

Ok I had to do dessert. I get it every time I go to this place and it is ALWAYS necessary. Always.

You were probably thinking "raw vegan dessert? Bleh. I rather chew on a shoe" but NO! STOP THE NONSENSE.
This is the fruit parfait (I believe they make it from whatever's in season) and it is fucking ginormous. Mine was a strawberry banana ice cream and dates, coconut and nuts for the crust at the bottom. Basically raw vegan heaven in a parfait cup. The ice cream is smooth and sweet and the crust has just enough delicious gooeyness to make me always come back for more. I didn't stop until it was gone, people, and you won't either.

Now I know what you're thinking...Sarah, what's going on with the Vegan French Pastry Challenge?
Didn't I tell you to hold your pants on? Yeesh.

Hokay. The Vacherin! I will be making this next and I think I'd like to make it with berries. It is described as meringue and berries alternated in layers to look like a fancy little cake. Vegan meringue? How am I going to do that, you ask? Ok seriously, enough with the questions today. OFF I GO!

MN Vegan

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