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Monday, May 16, 2011

Forks Over Knives!

Midwest Vegan Radio, this really kickass vegan podcast that I'm interning for received tickets from Paramount to see Forks Over Knives for free. They made this wonderful opportunity possible by letting us have a code that got each person that used it two free passes to get into a sneak screening of the movie. I just biked home from the sneak screening in Minneapolis and let me just say...

IT WAS AWESOME. But let me explain...

I do want my family to see it-like EVERYONE in my family. I really think that it makes the idea that many vegan-centered films tried to communicate so much more simple, this being the idea that a plant-based diet is effective in reducing and in most cases reversing chronic health problems caused by the standard American diet.

I'm really glad I went. I got to hang out with my vegan posse, chat it up with my date-Dave-who's a pretty kickass person that I'm very glad to know and basically watch a film that only solidified further my reason for eating the way I do.

Everyone should see this movie! Go see it now! I mean it, fucking NOW!

MN Vegan

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  1. I loved it, too!! It was so empowering & inspiring! I love when films give me even more reasons to be happy I'm vegan.