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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holy crap, an update! Part 2: Florida

Since the weather here in the Twin Cities is drastically improving and getting to be warmer, Sarah has been very happy. But! There are times in the long Minnesota winter when you need to step outside the coldness and fly somewhere south, where the sun shines! Like...


I love Florida. I hadn't been there in a couple of years but every time I go, I have a great time. This time was no exception.

That picture directly above is a Florida farmers market! We hit the tail end of it, but it was pretty nice. A good selection of produce, nuts and even pickles! Yummm.

Ok! So we were staying in Fort Meyers beach. I had to scope out the area for delicious vegan eats, and boy did I find some.

Cool Hand Luc's!

This place, though tiny, has several selections of vegan home-made ice cream available on a daily basis. I could NOT get enough of their almond-based peanut butter ice cream. Excellent! So smooth and creamy. I think it may be the best pb ice cream I've ever had. I also tried their chocolate chip cookie dough flavor and it was ok. It didn't have chunks of cookie dough in it like I wanted. The chocolate chip cookie pictured above was EPIC. Gooey and buttery. Yummm I want to go back NOOOOOWWWWWW.

Ok next up! Pizza Fusion.

This place does not have Daiya cheese but it did have Follow Your Heart, which is pretty tasty and was Manfriend and my vegan cheese of choice before Daiya reared it's delicious head into the vegan world. We built our own pizza and it was freaking huge!

I got a delicious salad beforehand with these interesting crunchy pieces of bread on top (like a crouton, only thin!). Awesome. I also may have had the best gluten free brownie I have ever had in my mouth, BAR NONE. Better than Pizza Luce's even.

Next up! *drumrolls*


I had never been to a Loving Hut before but people have raved about them since, well, forever. It was AWESOME. All Asian inspired dishes, my family (yes, even my dad and brothers) could not get enough. Have a looky!!

Yep, I even had a vegan flan for the first time ever. I'm sorry, but if a place can make my dad like healthy vegan food, then I am all for it. Awesome! I would definitely come back to a Loving Hut and word is that all of them have a different menu. So cool! I think the closest one to MN is in Chicago, so there's more than a good enough reason to take a midwest road-trip. Woop!

MN Vegan

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