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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stuff I've been eatin'.

(Pssttt...all my entries have links to the places I'm talking about...yep. Just scroll your mouse over a restaurant name and it'll take you to the website. I'm helpful huh?)

First up. Look at what happened to my muffin!!

What the crap?! Actually this was totally my fault. I put it in my backpack with a bunch of other items and unfortunately it got smashed. I got the muffin at Caffetto, a really great coffee shop in Uptown Minneapolis. They have vegan baked goods that come from Hard Time Cafe so you can have delicious pastries with your delicious coffee.

Manfriend and I also had dinner at The Depot again. I got a salad this time!

This salad was covered in a coconut curry dressing and was super tasty. I think it might be the only vegan salad on the menu but it's pretty darn good.

I'm working on some freelance writing jobs for a news source in Richfield currently and sometimes I like to swing over to Edina (about 5 miles away) and go to People's Organic (the restaurant!) I LOVE their coffee-French Meadow serves it. But they also have a cute new restaurant that has a delicious veggie burger among other vegan items. It's a bit pricey, but good! Here's a what I got.

The veggie burger was SO good. So so good. It's a homemade patty with a bunch of different spices, is a bit fall-y apart-y, but nonetheless AWESOME. The chocolate raspberry tart thingy left much to be desired. This was also way fall-y apart-y and though it had good raspberry flavor, the flavor was not matched by a savory butteryness which is how I like my desserts. There needs to be a careful balance between savory and sweet and this definitely overloaded the sweet. But I ate it all. Teehee.

Finally, Zakia Deli!! This place is over yonder in the NE Minneapolis neighborhood. I could bike there if I wanted to, thats how close it is. They make kickass Lebanese food, most of which (if you ask) is made vegan! Woo! Here's what I got:

In the container from the top left and going clockwise: red pepper hummus, this tomtatoey rice dish that was excellent, majaddra, tabouleh and chickpea salad. I also got pita bread and (on the far right) some sfouf. My two favorite parts of this meal were my friend Zeina (she's awesome) and the mujaddra. Holy balls! This lentil/rice dip was buttery and delicious. I even made it at home and it is so simple to make, your head will combust. The has star anise in it. Star anise is not my favorite, but the little sugary bread was good. It was made with semolina flour and a handful of different spices. The tabouleh is like no tabouleh I've ever had! True Lebanese tabouleh has less grain and more green I guess, which in my opinion makes the dish better.

So. That's where I been in literally the last week. Good times. Everyone should check these places out! They have more delicious vegan stuff on the menus that I did not try, so get your butt over to one of these awesome places and stuff your face.

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