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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, let's see...

I've been super duper busy!

1. Been interning for Midwest Vegan Radio and I'm having a freaking awesome time doing it. Check them out on the facebook and be sure to "like" us!
2. Just finishing up school here (one more class, yusssss) and then onto better things!
3. Done with the state job. Hopefully I'll get another one here soon. *crosses fingers*
4. Going to be moving in two months! To where, I'm not sure yet.
5. Been writing for Richfield Patch and it is really great experience for what I (kind of) want to do eventually.

Haven't been eating out too much because of the current financial sitch, but...

I have, however, been to Galactic Pizza in the last week and it was pretty delish, as always. We had a half vegan pizza bianca and half vegan bbq chicken pizza with Daiya on top. Yum! It was also pretty fun because their menu was 3D.

Galactic Pizza is an environmentally-conscious pizza joint with outside seating and is wind-powered! All of their delivery guys drive in electric cars too. Preeetttty awesome.

Anyways, that's been my life in the last week. Currently trying to find a jorb-I'm hopeful one will come along soon!

MN Vegan

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