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Friday, September 30, 2011

This just in: True Thai is kickass.

I'm also going to send some lovin' to Tao Natural Foods. Their food is delicious, healthy and awesome as hell. I'm so tired of eating all of this good food here in Minneapolis. Something's got to give and start sucking balls soon or I'm going to explode. Just kidding.

Ok so I had this delicious little ditty at True Thai. It was excellent. Perfect seasoning and heat in the peanut sauce.
I was really excited that the waitress knew what "vegan" meant. You can ask them what's animal-free on the menu and they'll fill you in.
Ok ok here's what I had already!

Ok I also disappeared to Tao Natural Foods for a couple hours one day. They have a happy hour at their juice bar. That's just too cute. Most of their stuff is vegan and I think all of it is vegetarian? Pretty sure about that one.
Ok here's the wrap: it was spicy and delish.

The juice next to it was a mixture of berries and beets. I typically hate beets to the core, but this wasn't bad. And it made me super happy. I love juice.

Ok doods!
I'm outty 5000!

MN Vegan

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