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Friday, October 7, 2011

Matchbox treats and other thangs.

Cafe Matchbox, my fave cafe in my neck of the woods (NE MPLS), has vegan pastries every once in a while, supplied by Mayday Cafe (South MPLS). I did not realize how freaking amazing the pastries were until I bought one the other day, go figure! It was a vegan chocolate chip cookie with nuts.

In one word, "stellar"-gooey, sweet as hell with a little nutty taste and crunch.
Check 'er out, ya'll: things with the blog. I want to make this about more than vegan food, and really all I talk about here is food. And don't get me wrong, food is fucking awesome. But I'd like to share with you all other important parts of my Minnesotan life, like my ambitions, dog, love, problems, music, etc etc. I think it would be extra super special if I were able to share those kinds of things on here.
So I guess I'm deviating from what vegan MOFO really is all about. God, I'm such a punkass, as usual.

MN Vegan

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