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Friday, October 28, 2011

Heyyy ya'llllll!

There are some sweet things coming up in my life that I just want you know about!
I am going to be heading to Chicago Vegan Mania on Saturday November 5th! Woop! If you are in the midwest, I tell you what. If you find me at Chicago Vegan Mania, I will give you the biggest high five you've ever seen. It'll be EPIC. Click here for the MVR blog and make sure to like us on Facebook/Twitter!

Oh hey. Have you guys heard about the radio show I am the "networking administrator" for (Midwest Vegan Radio)? If not, you should search us on iTunes, go to OR! HIGH FIVE MY AT CHICAGO VEGAN MANIA. Find me. I'll be wearing a Midwest Vegan Radio tee and sporting epic smelly hat hair from the 6-7 hour drive over. What up!

Ok ok. So everyone knows I like wine right? WELL.
When one has drank too much wine and then wakes up in Minneapolis somewhere wanting to bike to a place that's close and provides a good ol' cup of coffee and possibly some sweetass vegan flapjacks, there are a few places in the Twin Cities that I would recommend for the complete hangover cure. And you don't even need to get all spruced up for these places either-you can come in as smelly and hungover as you want.

These are, in no particular order:
1. Triple Rock Social Club (for the weekend brunch)
2. Hard Times Cafe
3. Bad Waitress
4. Seward Cafe!

You've heard me blab on this thing enough about numbers 1-3, but number 4 on my list also does a damn good job as I found out the other day.

Here's what I had!:

The vegan pancakes at Seward Cafe are the closest thing to pancakes I remember having at Denny's or Perkins when I was a kid. Good stuff. You should go and check 'er out. Yap. I'm out!

MN Vegan

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  1. Hello! I'm hosting the Minneapolis premiere of a vegan-oriented film called Vegucated next Monday at the Riverview theater in Minneapolis. The film is about three meat and cheese lovers who adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. If you, or any of your blog followers, want to check out the film you can find more information here: