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Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been sucking it up when it comes to Vegan Mofo. I did this last year too. Bit the big one-HARD. I suck.
Anyways, here's my attempt at updating you about what's going on in my life. I have been dating...gasp! An omni. He's so cool. I know you'll understand.
My dog has been vegan for quite a while. You might have already known this. It's cool.

I got some ideas...some big ideas and they're hopefully about to take the next step up. I'm glad I'm about to do what I'm about to do...but! It's secret. Hee.
Right now I am fully satisfied with where my life is headed. I love it.

Ok ok! I know all you REALLY wanted from me was a food review. So here goes.
A couple of weeks back I went to a couple of places that served sweet sticky rice for dessert. FUCK MAN. If I could eat sweet sticky rice every night for dessert I would probably have more foodgasms in my life. YUM.
A couple of friends and I celebrated my moving into a new place by going to Sen Yai Sen Lek, which is a Thai joint literally 20 feet from my new place. Ok not literally but whatevs, it's right down the damn road.
The mango sticky rice in coconut milk was divine! I also had this veggie dish. It was ok. Nothing spectacular about it accept for the fact that I couldn't pronounce it. We also had some fried tofu. Good thing I can pronounce that, because it was fucking tasty.

I also went to Amazing Thailand for the first time ever. It's located conveniently right in the uptown area. I enjoyed the mango sticky rice dessert. The place also has a very colorful interior. VERY colorful. If I was drunk I'd probably have a heyday and flip the fuck out.

I would recommend both restaurants for awesome restaurant experiences and for the fact that they have SEPARATE VEGAN MENUS. Delicious and not too expensive!
Totally awes. I'm out yo!

MN Vegan