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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Party like a rocksta!

Feast your eyes on THAT! That is what I made for the Vegan Heat n Eat event at Ethique Nouveau that happened a couple of weekends ago right here in Minneapolis. Good times. I made a orange vanilla cupcake with zesty orange buttercream and a sugared orange wedge to garnish the damn thing. Yap. You'd better believe that shit was off the hook!

Other things that were sold: vegan chili with sweet taters, some kickass pesto and cheese sauces and vegan scones that were to die for! Ugh. Take me back.

Totally dood.
Heyyy there guys. I'm really sorry I haven't been keeping up on this blog much. I've really been trying to balance my mental and physical health right now and it has never been this challenging, what with the stress at work and the eating healthy and crap like that.

Anyhoobs, I apologize, and I'm going to hop to giving you all a dose of what I've been up to (eating). Cool beans?
Cool beans.

OK! First up! Triple Rock Social Club.

I'm just going to say one thing and be done with it about these guys-they have been a bit of a disappointment to me lately. The changes they made to their menu not only added some items but it also took away some of the best items, like that huge ass vegan burrito they had with "nacho cheez". Eff that man. But in and of itself, Triple Rock is still a great place to go for vegan bar grub. I would almost always recommend the vegan cook's revenge, as it always turns out to be something real grubby and tasty. Here's a sample of a meal that Manfriend and I recently had there:

Pictured closest is their vegan nachos which are freaking huge and fantastic. They will not disappoint. Neither will that behemoth of a sammy behind it. THAT sandwich, my friends, usually comes out of the kitchen the size of your head. It is not for the faint of heart. It is....drum roll please....THE VEGAN PO BOY. Manfriend likes to get the Minneapolis Po Boy which has mock duck or tofu mixed with taters and covered in soy cheese on a huge as bun and served with chips! Yumm. I like the vegan BBQ Po Boy with mock duck personally. It's got the same stuff, only it's slathered in a zesty BBQ sauce. Urrrgh. I want one in my mouth now. So so tasty.

OK! There's a new restaurant in town (it's not really that new) and it's connected to First Ave (the famous Minneapolis music venue). We heard they had some vegan options on the menu (and did they!) so we decided to make it a date night.

I ordered the vegan mock duck tacos while Manfriend ordered a side of sweet tater fries and a vegan lemon walnut burger. Now, I have very high standards for mock duck tacos, as Senor Wong (see the side bar for the post) in St Paul has THE BEST mock duck tacos I have ever had the chance to put in my mouth. I mean, fucking yummers man. The mock duck tacos from The Depot did not disappoint, however, they did not provide the sneaky spice and beautiful savoriness that the tacos from S. Wongs did. The sweet tater fries were crispy and delicious however! Perfectly seasoned and a great start to the meal. The lemon walnut burger... oh lordy. It was sweet and savory at the same time. I thought it sounded boring but I immediately bit my tongue (not literally) when I tasted it. It was topped with sweet bell peppers which, in my opinion, made the burger fucking fantastic! Yum. I'm making myself hungry all over again dammit.

Stay tuned for another update fairly soonish. There's a new vegan pizza in town (well...there has been for a while but I just tried it recently), and it don't take kindly to be calling "cheez-less and boring".


MN Vegan

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We now interrupt my lack of updating to bring you...

What what. MN VEGAN BAKESALE!! Which I am helping coordinate. Waha!

All proceeds are going to ARC! (Animal Rights Coalition)

Hey, Vegan Bakers - we need your kitchen mojo! Email Sarah (me!) or Melissa at for information and/or to register to donate baked goods!

Vegan Goodies doing Good!

Worldwide Vegan Bakesale

April 24th, 2011 at 1pm

See ya there in all its sugary (or savory) goodness, ya'll!

You know you want in on this.

MN Vegan