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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's get down to biznassssss!

Ok, here I go.
It has been quite a while since I have posted something legit lately, so here goes everything. I've been making some huge changes in my life, and I also got out of town for a couple of days courtesy of my lovely cousin and his wife in Washington, D.C. but I will blog about that experience at a later date-pinky swear.

First! I wanted to take a moment to discuss something that's become very near and dear to my heart...and body.

This entry is not about food my friends, but the benefits of doing hot yoga. I attend Moksha Yoga in Minneapolis. They have a karma yoga class that only cost $5 every Friday. Ugh it's soooooo good. It's like therapy, but not just for your mind, but your body as well. The gist of it is basically, you're holding yoga poses in 105 degree heat. It's pretty kickass and kind of schmexy and I may have balled every single session so far. Like I said, it'll make you sweat out the heavy stuff.

I will tell you nothing but the truth. I have been going through the biggest change in my life this last month, and it has been difficult. Going to hot yoga every week has allowed me to sweat out all of the bullshit, and I kid you not. It is FREEING. And at Moksha Yoga, they make it an experience. It is cleansing for my emotional and mental well-being. I'd recommend it to anyone that is open to new experiences. I've also linked Moksha Yoga up there so you can visit the site. Check out hot yoga in your area. It's addicting and freaking life-changing.

Heck yes!

MN Vegan

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apologies, my friends.

I have been so super busy in the last month. I'm sorry if you are anxious for another entry from me, but you're going to have to HOLD ONTO YOUR GODDAMN HORSES. Okey?

MN Vegan