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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I fucking KNEW IT.

I knew I'd cave to your requests sooner or later. Here I am, back again. Updating the shit out of this blog. Hollerrrr.

H'okay! Washington D.C., ya'll!

Seeing the sights was only half the fun, too. D.C. is extremely vegan-friendly and a lot of fun to visit. I had the most incredible time, thanks to my cousin and his lovely wife. They put me up for three nights and four days and it was such an incredible experience to be able to stay with them and see the city.

All right. Time to get down to business. The first place I stopped at from the light rail (you can use it to get ANYWHERE in D.C. btdubs) was Sticky Fingers Bakery.

Lordy, this place was heaven on earth. They have vegan treats up the wazoo as well as savory eats for those that aren't interested in a the biggest sugar coma they've ever had. Me though? Of course I chose the sugar coma. Say hello to breakfast!

Check this place out, people. Their food and pastries cannot be beat. I even got a burrito and a peanut butter pie one of the days I was there (pictured below). They have a deli case full of different kinds of bulk mock meats and grab-n-go eats as well. I really wish I would have been able to catch their brunch to have some biscuits and gravy, but alas I did not. Regardless, this is a must-visit for people visiting our nation's capital. Yep.

Another place that you may want to visit on your excursion in D.C. is Cafe Green. I had a really tasty raw peanut butter shake and veggie burger there. They have a lot of raw items on the menu. I didn't even order dessert because I was already so full from the shake and burger. Yummmmmm.

Last but not least! Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant in Falls Church! I liken this place to a very healthy Loving Hut. Great Asian-inspired dishes and dessert. I had a vegetable medley with some mock meat and a slice of chocolate cake to top off the meal! Delectable!

I would recommend traveling to and seeing Washington DC in all its glory to EVERYONE. It's so vegan-friendly and beautiful. There are tons more pictures to show you guys, but that would be a long-ass entry and you'd probably get bored with me gushing about all of the national monuments and the art I saw. So go see it for yourself, yo! There's no reason not to!

MN Vegan