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Friday, September 30, 2011

This just in: True Thai is kickass.

I'm also going to send some lovin' to Tao Natural Foods. Their food is delicious, healthy and awesome as hell. I'm so tired of eating all of this good food here in Minneapolis. Something's got to give and start sucking balls soon or I'm going to explode. Just kidding.

Ok so I had this delicious little ditty at True Thai. It was excellent. Perfect seasoning and heat in the peanut sauce.
I was really excited that the waitress knew what "vegan" meant. You can ask them what's animal-free on the menu and they'll fill you in.
Ok ok here's what I had already!

Ok I also disappeared to Tao Natural Foods for a couple hours one day. They have a happy hour at their juice bar. That's just too cute. Most of their stuff is vegan and I think all of it is vegetarian? Pretty sure about that one.
Ok here's the wrap: it was spicy and delish.

The juice next to it was a mixture of berries and beets. I typically hate beets to the core, but this wasn't bad. And it made me super happy. I love juice.

Ok doods!
I'm outty 5000!

MN Vegan

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ooooohhhh Mimicreme...

Dear Mimicreme,

You are fucking delicious. Especially when I make ice cream out of you. You are insanely yummy and...I love you. I do. I love Mimicreme.

There are so many ways you can prepare this stuff. You can put it in your goddamn coffee, in your latte, make iced cream out of it and many many other things. You could likely make a kickass white russian out of it even. Yeah. And it's allergy-friendly and made with only with nuts. Cool, right?!
Here's some pictures of me, Mimicreme and some ice cream I made with it. Oh the memories...

You could probably use this stuff in place of sweetened condensed milk if you thicken it with agar agar or something along those lines.

Go out and get it! This stuff is a dream come true for those that have been looking for something a little thicker than soy creamer.

MN Vegan

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bad Waitress does it again!

Oh man. I cannot express to you how much it rules having a place like the Bad Waitress within biking proximity. I'm super stoked about this place having all of the following: kickass vegan food, kickass vegan shakes and kickass vegan desserts. Also, the place itself is pretty kickass.

My mom went mostly vegan recently and has been keeping it up for the last 2-3 months. I'm super proud of her that she's maintaining the lifestyle in any capacity, because I feel it may shine some light into how I've been living my life for the last 7 years. She can finally grumble along with me when dad orders a fucking huge steak. Just kidding. I don't grumble.

So anyways! I got the veggie burger. It' s hand-made patty that is effing stellar and seasoned nicely. See this monster below, ya'll!

Holy crap, right? Yeah, it's huge and delicious.
My mom got the vegan sloppy joe. It was delectable.

I have posted the shake in a previous entry about this place. It's arguably the best vegan shake in town.

There's no reason why you shouldn't go here if you're in the area. The restaurant itself has a old 50's diner appeal and the food keeps getting better.

Like I said, go. Eat. Prosper.

MN Vegan