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Monday, February 20, 2012

Healthy eatin's.

I know you're probably all like "pssssh whatevsies, Norine. You eat sweets all the fucking time you freaking liar". Oh no no. Oh no no no...let me tell you.

When I crave healthy, delicious food, I'm only looking to go to one of two places. That made no sense.

TAO NATURAL FOODS! I took my best manfriend. He's awesome and got the veggie burger (bottom). I got the avocado rice plate (top).

Ok. Now I'm going to be brutally honest here, mostly because I need to be but mostly mostly because I love this place and I think other people will too. The avocado rice plate is something I typically add a little seasoning to because it doesn't have much salt. There! I said it.

But in all honesty, this place has DELICIOUS food. My manfriend loved the veggie burger. Totally healthy. Totally awesome. Totally vegan. Totally...


MN Vegan

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