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Monday, February 6, 2012

Here's a new one for ya!

Mmmm Birchwood delish!

Birchwood is a nice little cafe nestled in the Seward area of Minneapolis. I have truthfully always enjoyed going here, though the prices can be a bit steep. I think that maybe that's uuuuuhhhh because it's ALL LOCAL AND ORGANIC. Yap. So, in my book, that's code for "totally justified".

Here's what I had!:

That there is the vegan parsnip sammy with blue corn chips and some really fucking spicy salsa. The sandwich was really tasty for me not caring for parsnips much. It had a very flavorful sweet mayo-type spread on it that contrasted the herby, crunchy part of the sammy. Very tasty.
I also got dessert, because I ain't no fool. That there's the vegan coconut tapioca pudding and a cup of their joe. It was delectable! The coffee had slightly sweet notes and the pudding was thick and rich.
I would definitely come back again to see what Birchwood offers in the seems the menu may be everchanging, much to my delight!


MN Vegan

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