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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holy freaking buffet Batman!

Bombay Palace in Fridley, MN has got your Indian-buffet-craving booty covered, like srsly. They have many different vegan items on the buffet and they are more than happy to tell you which ones are which.
Now, this is huge, because SNorine does not care for Indian cuisine regularly. But seriously guys, I don't even know what I ate, but it was phenomenal:

I think that's peneer, with a little dahl and some other lentil-y thing over rice. They have way more options than what this picture shows though, like vegan rice pudding and delish fried potato thingies and stuff like that. Badass.

Get thee there now! And stuff yourself. It's like $10 for the buffet and it is soooo worth it.

MN Vegan


  1. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for this blog. I'm moving up to the cities pretty soon, and while I know the basics (Pizza Luce, Galactic, Triple Rock, Evergreen, blah blah blah) it's exciting to see more of this insider information. Take care!

    1. No problemo dood. Enjoy the plethora of deliciousness that is the Twin Cities! And get thee some vegan donuts srsly and say hi to me @Donut Cooperative, yo.