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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ecopolitan AKA I just shat myself.

Just kidding about the title, kind of. I shit myself when I think of how tasty Ecopolitan food is, not when (or after) I eat it.
But anyways, so my boyfrenn came with because he expressed wanting to check this place out. Ha. Hahaha. I laughed. But he was serious.
If you're not up to snuff on Ecopolitan, it is Minneapolis' only completely vegan restaurant, AND it happens to also be completely raw. Meaning uncooked food, room-temperature water, the whole shebang.

He ordered the pesto pasta, which is made with zucchini noodles. Here he is. And ladies, please. I know the man's sexy. No need to leave like a million comments about it.

He actually enjoyed it a lot. I had the taco pizza, which was made with lentil taco meat and a bunch of other really fucking tasty shit. The "sour cream" was divine and the pizza was perfectly seasoned.

We finished off the entire meal with this delicious parfait. I love the crust. It's made with coconut, dates and nuts. Fucking stellar.

Oh god it's so good. I dream about that stuff and my next rendezvous with its tastiness.

If you're in Minneapolis, GET THERE. So fucking good.

MN Vegan

Monday, March 19, 2012



And today, S Norine no feel good. Hey MN, what up with all the nice weather/wind/general merriment? If this is a cruel joke, I don't gets it.

Oh by the way, you can get that huge flaming punch bowl for about $20 at Psycho Suzie's in NE Minneapolis. And it's not meant (quite obv) for one person, but several. So yeah. I shared with my broder, do not worry. And P.S.


Go gets it now!

MN Vegan

Monday, March 12, 2012


So I work for a cooperative called Lakewinds Natural Foods and I'm a baker there. If you didn't already know that, now you do.
Hokay. So I've been trying to think of ways to be more challenged with my job and my boss gave me the opportunity to test a vegan cinnamon roll recipe. Ah yes.

So I did! And thar she blows:

They were really well-received and I think I'd enjoy making up some more recipes like this-vegan pastry dough recipes. Like turn-overs, maybe a pecan roll in there-all vegan! Nice right? I'm looking into the idea and my boss seems receptive so we'll see how it goes, right? Right.

I'm outty!

MN Vegan

Monday, March 5, 2012

On-the-Go Meals!

AKA meals you can get in pretty common places, nuke the crap out of and then eat. Or just eat from the box. Nice.

Here's what I've consumed in the last couple of weeks:

This first one was at Starbucks. I know I know, Starbucks sucks, but it was pretty damn tasty. This is their Asian Sesame Noodle Bento Box. I'm fairly certain that all Starbucks carry these, so if you're ever in a bind for what to eat somewhere in the USA, you'll probably be able to find this sucker and nosh your brains out. It's pretty delish (the tofu surprised me-very tasty!) and yes, kind of expensive, but a girl's got to fucking eat. Damn right.

I've always wanted to try this one and then I finally did! Amy's Brown Rice Bowl. Or, I think that's the name of it anyhoo. It was good, but needed some soy sauce. It's a good meal when you're in a bind and is available at even commercial grocery stores. You heat it and then eat it. That rhymed. This one was also less expensive than the one I got at Starbucks, about $5. Yep.

Stay tuned! I want to try more of the Amy's products in the future and my work carries a buttload of them, so I'll definitely be trying more.

Guuuhhhh yummy...

MN Vegan