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Thursday, May 17, 2012

New jawb.

Oh heyyyy ya'll. Sorry about the lack of posting-life got hectic!

I suppose I should spill the beans. I now work for Donut Cooperative, which is pretty kickass. I'm a baker, so I'm making delicious vegan stuff for you to stuff your face with every day, which includes our delectable donuts.

Check the website here, yo! If you're in Minneapolis, this is a must-eat. Errr...yeah. Don't try to eat the place itself, just order a donut and eat it.
We have pretty kickass vegan cake donuts that'll make you want to scream with unbridled pleasure and stuff. Check it out yo! We're also on Facebook, so like us too if you so please.

And now, for the pictures. Hold onto your pants.

Did you just pee a little too? No? ...neither did I.

MN Vegan

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vegan Balls Party!

This totally happened. Me and my friends like to make fun of the male anatomy, simply put. We've had a Vegan Sausage Party so naturally, we had to honor the other half of the equation and makes foods shaped like balls. Here's what we made:

That there is an assortment of vegan cookie dough balls, vegan meatballs, sweet tater tots and sea salt and vinegar chickpeas. Holy hell. 

If any of you have a ball party, boob party or even a vag party (I don't know how you'd do that but people surprise me all the time), you should totally invite me. 


MN Vegan