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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I have an undying love for sushi. It is the only thing I feel like I could eat 24/7, hungry or not. It is one of the only things I crave when I am PMSing, I it. There are tons of options in the Twin Cities for kickass vegan sushi. Origami is only one of those restaurants. Their menu is not labeled but if you ask what is vegan on the menu, they will tell you. I got a cucumber roll, avocado roll and some inari, which is sweet stuff wrapped in a tofu skin. Holy hell was it good.

I'm not picky on my vegan sushi, but I was recommended this place by a friend who said that the way they wrap the sushi matters and I guess, the tighter the roll the better. I didn't really pay attention to that all that much, I just stuffed my face and smiled. Because sushi makes me smile. The place is super fancy and likely great for a date night. Y'all should go....NOW!!!!


MN Vegan

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brasa makes my heart soooooaaaaarrr!!

Not literally. They have a handful of vegan apps that are fucking delicious. Seriously, they might be simple but they are fucking delish. Just ask for the vegetarian menu and it'll have the vegan stuff labeled on it. Here's what I got!:

On the left is the chips and guacamole. Their guac is right on par with Chipotle's in my opinion, if not better tasting. To the right of that are the fried yuca. I don't know what the crap a yuca is even but Brasa made me like it. Watch out for the dip though-it's not vegan but they can give you some dipping sauce that is. 
And to top it all off, (pictured the furthest from the front of the pic) fried plantains! Delicious. 
All of the dishes are extremely reasonably priced and they source as locally as possible. 

Kickass. GET THERE!!!

MN Vegan