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Friday, July 20, 2012

So much to be saaaaiiiiiddd...

Just kidding. I gots time.

So I just got back from my family trip to Seattle and Portland, or rather, what I'd like to call "Dad Complaining Constantly Tour 2012". Yes, the DCCT was fucking fun as shit, but I have to keep you guys waiting on that one. It's going to be a fucking EPIC post. It'll blow your brains up.

So French Meadow Bakery has been stepping it up when it comes to vegan desserts. My family and I were FINALLY celebrating my admission to grad school and we went and got some treats. Have a gander:

Damn. I mean daaaayyyyummm.



From top to bottom: berry tart, turtle cake and carrot cake. All vegan, all awesome. The berry tart, honestly, I thought was going to disappoint me and I'd just end up eating all of the turtle cake. But nope-the crust was buttery and not too crispy, just how I likes it. The turtle cake is always amazing-rich dark chocolate cake with a gooey caramel-y sauce and nuts on top? Yes please. I'm always up for gooey nuts. And then there's the carrot cake, looking all fucking cute with that damn carrot. It was delicious, though I kind of expected the frosting to be more cream cheesy. It was still worth it though-very tasty.

They had many more options to choose from than this in their bakery case (and their vegan food menu is freaking stellar) so GET THERE NOW!!!

MN Vegan

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Likey Greek food?

If you said yes, you might want to give Gardens of Salonica a try. I had an assortment of the vegan items that are conveniently labeled on the menu for you. I honestly couldn't tell you what I got, but everything that I did get was so fucking good, I'm just going to tell you to hustle your sweet ass over there and get that food in your mouth NOW.
Here's what a I had. They served it with some really delicious pita bread. 

Y'all should seriously consider eating here. It is most excellent. 


That means "let's go" in French.  It also means I'm a badass.

MN Vegan