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Saturday, August 18, 2012


In your mouth. Delicious ones.

Hopefully that got your attention...but if it didn't, feast your eyes on this shitty photo I took of The Wienery's black bean burger and some fries:

This place is baller. Where can you get vegan hot dogs, vegan hand-made black bean burgers and killer fries in one place? Well...this place. Derr. And for super freaking cheap too. The black bean burger is probably the spiciest black bean burger I've ever had the pleasure of tossing in my mouth. The fries are awesome as well-you order them by the potato. Mine was one potato's worth of fries. And they can top your vegan dog with lots of stuff. 

Get there and nosh til you puke. I almost did.

MN Vegan

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear Pizza Luce, cut that out.

Stop it. Just stop it right now. Stop making unbeatable, affordable vegan eats for me to gobble when I'm drinking Strongbow. You guys are jerks.

Just kidding PL, you're awesome in my book. But srsly, you trying to take over the world or something?

Pizza Luce is a MUST if you are visiting the Twin Cities. There's several locations (including the new Richfield location). Pizza Luce is taking Minnesota by storm, and here's why:

This here was PL's spring special vegan dessert, meaning you can't get it anymore but hot damn people. It's a vegan pineapple cake with fresh berries and coconut cream on top. It was incredible. The pineapple cake was moist and when the berry sauce seeps in, each bite was like a fruity explosion in my mouth. And you know how I like mouth explosions. They're the best.

Those two items above are the summer specials! Pictured above the bahn mi is the vegan cobbler. It's super delicious. I'm not a big fan of cobbler in the summer-warm you know. But the raspberry sorbet was a nice touch. The vegan bahn mi is spicy! Just how I likes my women. Err...yeah. The mock duck is mock-ducky (it's an adjective, trust me) and coupled with the rinotta nut cheese, this shit's off the freaking hook!


MN Vegan