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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why hello...hello...hello...

That's me saying hello and it echoing. Yep.

Dudes, I have been MIA. That's to say, I have been busay.
I did that to rhyme, obv.

So what's good? I'll tell you what's freaking good...feast your eyes on THIS!:

So there's this other part of Northeast Mpls that I've never even been to. Imagine that.
The Coffee Shop NE is damn cute and has a ton of vegan-friendly items to choose from, you just have to ask. I asked if any of their baked goods were vegan and lo' and beyond. BAM! Vegan cranberry pumpkin bread. It was delish-moist and perfect for dipping in my coffee. And you know how I loves dipping shit in my coffee.

Hey y'all: I just want to say: I love ya. You guys rule. I've been keeping it to monthly updates because of grad school and you all are still hanging in there. There are so many places I've been hankerin' to try lately too. Stay tuned. I got this shit on lockdown, pinky swear.

I'm outty!!

MN Vegan