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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A 2fer!

Are you guys totes pumped right now?! I'm about to update the shit out of this blog. It's been a while, you guys. And I've put so many tasty things in my mouth lately, I just have to gush about it for a sec. Mmk? MMK.

So Dancing Ganesha is bomb. They have this stuff:

Gobi Machurian! It has the consistency of fried chik'n, but sans the chik'n, y'all. In a tasty, tangy tomato-y sauce that, in my mind, embodies umami. Don't know what that is? Clicky! Anyhoo. it's damn tasty. Get some now! If you're visiting them soon, make sure to ask what's vegan on the menu.

Also, I re-visited my favesy Buddhist Chinese restaurant in STP, Bravo! Cafe and Bakery. Hot damn, you guys. Check this shit out:

That there is their Kung Pao "Chicken" and their Sesame "Chicken" with Broccoli. This stuff is heavy on the sauce, but the sauces have so much flavor. I have been cheating on many other Chinese food places in the Twin Cities (*cough* Evergreen *cough*) for the simplicity of the dishes, the price and, what can I say? I know the owner. She's a sweetheart.

There's your eats, y'all. Get some!!! Or else...I'll, uh...explode. And you wouldn't want that because that's gross.

I'm outty!

MN Vegan

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