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Monday, December 9, 2013

Guys. GUYS.

Have I got some shit for you!

On this episode of "What Used to Be in My Belly, but is Now...Somewhere Else," I'm including some favesies of mine.

Ya'll ready for this? *kicks the jams*

TCBY has fucking chocolate almond vegan soft serve and it was delish! If you had the pleasure of trying this stuff while it was out, let me know. It was thick, full of chocolatey goodness (AKA flavor). Perfection in a tiny cup. There's like, two TCBY's here and the one I went to is in Rosedale Mall. Holler at ya girl, RDM. Fun fact: I used to work there.

 This burger's amazingosity (that word is TM'd by me btw, no stealing ya jerks) is brought to you by People's Organic, which is a nice little eatery that makes their own vegan mayo and has everything labeled on the menu (V for vegan and such). This place is over yonder in a 'burb called Edina. It's a nice place and the food is good. This burger was delectable, but you could tell the vegan mayo was homemade. It was kind of gritty and didn't really taste like mayo in my opinion. Otherwise, a delicious burger that held together well!

And now, for the doozy. This vegan burger knocks it out of the park for me. It is everything I would want in a burger. That's a lie. It needed a little more sauce in my opinion, but the burger itself is fantastic and looks to be made of beets? Doesn't taste like it though. In fact, get the chipotle burger. Or the Italian burger. They will rock your socks off with flavor!
These are from The Bulldog NE, and it is  one bombass eatery. I can sit there, get my Angry Orchard on tap, my vegan burger and be happy as a very alive little clam watching my favorite sport (football) (not really-soccer is better, but I like watching football too). Just ask for the veg menu-there are SO MANY OPTIONS IT IS INSANE *head explodes*. So go there now!

I love having this blog. My brain is so weird.

MN Vegan