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Monday, November 24, 2014


I mean...we did it, cuz I totally donated (like, $40).


Check it here you guys, cuz Minneapolis is going to be ON THE FRIGGIN MAP FOR VEGAN STUFF. Like very very soon:

Herbivorous Butcher Kickstarter!

And that is how you do it. <3 Herbivorous Butcher! *holds hand up for high five from HB staff*

MN Vegan

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's get this party started right...


So who has tried this? What did you think? Did you like it? I MUST KNOW. IT IS IMPERATIVE.

Also, this is sold at Good Earth Food Co Op in St Cloud, MN. I holler,

Holy crap Herbivorous Butcher. I went to your Kickstarter event just recently (DONATE TO THEM NOW IF YOU WANT VEGAN BUTCHERS EVERWHERE FOR EVERYONE PLZ) and ate the best vegan meats/calzones EVER. Help support them so they can build a shop here and everywhere in the United States. Or just move to Mpls already and meet me there once it happens.

In other (delicious) news, Seward Café has been stepping it up a notch. Holy vegan nachos, am I right? And get this-my omni bruh (read: "brother) ate most of this even though he "wasn't hungry". Pfft.

Also, World Street Kitchen, where have you been all my life? Your Bangkok Burrito (vegan-style) is so damn good. Dare I say, I prefer it over a Chipotle burrito any day of the week?? WHAT AM I SAYING I MUST BE GOING CRAZY.
No. I'm not. I'm really not.

Man, I was hungry lately. Delicious's the bees knees, am I right?

GET TO ALL THESE PLACES... NOW!!!! Or I'll come after you. DON'T MAKE ME DO IT.

MN Vegan

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bring it around towwwwn...brriiing it around towwwwwn.....

Ya so if you're not cool enough (pfft, you're following my blog, yer probs cool enough), that post subject line is taken from SpongeBob Squarepants. Which is one of the best shows on TV for children right now, albeit it sometimes is wildly inappropriate. Which means, clearly, I love it.

Anyways! You know me, eating delicious food all the time because, goshdarnit MN, you gots the best food around.

Hey are you all going to Twin Cities Veg Fest this Sunday 9/28? I'll be there and I'm totally going to Mistress Ginger's cooking demo because derr, why would you not?

Hey are you all going to Chicago Vegan Mania on October 11th? I'll be there!

Come find me, babes. And we' And eat. Maybe.

Ok! Here's what I've eaten lately:

 Ok so if you've been living under a rock (I know I've done this once or twice. Don't feel bad), you've not heard of Herbivorous Butcher at the Minneapolis Farmers Market probs. Let me tell you-everything I have had (mock meats) from these guys has been the best mock meat I've ever EVER had. That's why I had to post about it again. Amazing. Check out the jerky, in its tangy, delicious sauce here:
They're apparently opening a storefront in the future. JOY.
Also, it's time, yet again, for me to give some love to Pizza Luce. Below is their tofu hash and some tofu benedict (I think...). Both amazing. I shame you for not being there now, eating these tasty morsels. SHAME ON YOU. SHAAAAAME.
*swiftly exits*
I'm OUT!!
MN Vegan

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shameless self promotion of baking skillz/VEGAN DIRT N WORMS CLAKE: THE RETURN


That's concord grape, HOMEMADE VEGAN GUMMY WORMS, y'all. That's right, cry your heart out. Because hearts cry when they're not eating this shit.

MN Vegan

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Let me tell you a story...

...a story of...DELICIOUSNESS.

So there was this one time I went to The Triple Rock Social Club when I ate their vegan "big ass burrito" with home fries, jalapenos and nacho cheeze (on the side, naturally-I'm lady, whatever that means). I ate all of it btw so you get none. NONE. It was full of tofu hashy goodness. You bet your sweet ass that thing is gone now.

And then there was this time I went to Hola, hello Hola Arepa. Where have you been all my life and wtf is an arepa. I don't even know, but it comes with a delicious vegan green sauce, sweet potatoes in the arepa and yuka fries on the side. By George, I think they've done me in!!! And I don't even know George. Kudos, H. Arepa. You guys rock.


What is my life and who am I. TELL ME NOW.

MN Vegan

Sunday, June 8, 2014


So. I been eatin', I been eatin' (to be said/sang like Bey sings "I been drankin" in "Drunk in Love"). Yes, I know. I'm a fuckin genius and endlessly hilarious. I mean, that's HALF the freakin reason you read my blog, right? Right. Glad we're in agreement about that.

Enough about me though. Let's cut to the fuckin chase...the delicious chase, rather.

CHECK IT OUT OMFG *explodes*

Those two cupcakey gems are from Cupcake, which has multiple locations around the Twin Cities area. I said it before and I'll say it again, this place has THE BEST cupcakes I've ever had. They're consistently delicious and the frosting it the most well-made, smooth cupcake frosting I've ever had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into. They have tons of vegan flavors now too! Kickass. High five, Cupcake.

I gots to let you know...I am a donut fiend. Like, if I see a vegan donut in the bakery case and even if there's a slice of vegan cheesecake in there, I gotta get the damn donut. LIKE, IT'S IMPERATIVE. MUST TRY ALL AVAILABLE DONUTS.
This one (*cough* surprisingly not from Glam Doll Donuts *cough*) is from Hard Times Cafe on the west bank. They have the best cake donuts in town-not heavy and taste just just like I remember them when I'd buy them from the gas station. And, back in the day, I totally WOULD NOT eat the whole box.
That's a lie. I would destroy that box of donuts and then find a nearby side walk to sit on and contemplate my entire existence, face covered in massacred donut crumbs. TRUE STORY.

Don't act like you don't want that same kind of experience. GET TO THESE PLACES NOW AND LET THE EXISTENTIAL CRISIS BEGIN.

MN Vegan

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just call me Norine, Professional Scone Connoisseur.

Little known fact: Norine loves (vegan) scones. I don't discriminate either-fluffy scones, hard scones, crumbly and cakey scones. I eats them all.

Like, in a room full of different kinds of scones, each one of them would go into my tummy at some point. Unless one of them clearly was inedible (plastic) or moldy (might still TRY to eat it depending on what it looked like).

IN ANY CASE, I love muh scones and the Twin Cities has a vast variety of vegan ones you can find!

Caffetto Cafe is a favesy so I gots to give them some love. They always carry some sort of vegan scone and they err on the crumbly and less sweet side. Thus, I dub ye my favorite grad school studying spot, Caffetto. Keep up the good work.

Gingko Cofffeehouse in St Paul has the most tender but slightly flaky scone you will ever sink your teeth into. Also, these suckers are modestly-sized, so they don't fill you up too much! *kisses fingers* MOLTO BELLO.  Or whatever. This one had peach in it I think.

The Wedge in uptown carries vegan scones on the daily and they're usually round-shaped. So there's that. I mean, that's fun right? The flavors can be super interesting too!

And last but not least, Isle Bun and Coffee in Uptown. These scone are magnificent, with tender chunks of date and delicious fruit pieces. I love me a scone from Isle Bun.

Honorable mentions because they don't have them all of the time: Mayday Café in South Mpls, Hard Times Café in Cedar-Riverside.

Go on and get your scone on, peeps!

MN Vegan

Thursday, April 3, 2014


THIS! From TCBY. Their new almond-based vanilla soft serve is booommb.

I made this for a friend's b day. Vegan dirt and worms cake! You best bet I made them damn worms by muhself, because I totally did. Cuz I'M PRO.

And then off course, I topped that off with more vegan donuts from Glam Doll. Fuckin right.

Follow the links, dear readers. Follow the links to deliciousness.


MN Vegan

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I was featured in the blog, Minding Minnesota (click for the entry). Her blog is super cool and informative.

So check it check it out, y'all. *spins record*

MN Vegan

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Even more stuff I've eaten, etc.

Ah yes, putting things in my mouthhole-one of my favorite past times (present times? I still do this and enjoy it hmmm).
Regardless! I have some more things to show you. So instead of dangling a bunch of proverbial carrots in front of all your faces, let's do it to it, shall we? NO FUCKING AROUND HERE. Also, hope you have fun looking at some crappy, half-eaten, vegan food photos. I know I know, I suck. Sue me.

When does The Bulldog NE's food start getting crappy? The answer to that question is *punches you in the face* 
No but srsly, all kidding aside, this shit is music to my tongue (as opposed to ears, derr). This here is the Chicago not-dog and it is fully vegan in all its amazingosity. Google "Chicago dog" and you'll know what's on it, i.e. I'm too lazy to explain it. Just watch out for those peppers-they'll bite you in the ass (tongue) if you're not prepared.

Since lately, all I can think about is donuts bc of Glam Doll unleashing their vegan variety, I have posted a couple of the vegan glazed variety, me eating said variety, and of how a donut looks after I've eaten most of it because I'm fucking hilarious. God I love myself.


Anyways, you should go now if you haven't.

I wanted to switch it up a bit and show Sociable Cider Works some love. I am not a beer person, but this place makes hard apple cider like no other. Here pictured is a flight of different ciders. They err on the dry side AKA no sweet hard ciders here. I loved it, you all should give them some business!

Well, I'm drunk after all that cider, how about you? Kidding, kidding. Yeah that's right. I got jokes.

GET THERE NOW OR I'LL...I'LL...*explodes*

MN Vegan

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Glam Doll Donuts is now making vegan versions of their regular flavors and having them available on the daily. Y'all need to get there. I mean, I used to make vegan donuts for Donut Cooperative back in the day and they were great. But let me tell you-this is legit shit, no fucking around.

Get some now!!!!!! And for those of you with no real access to these at this current moment, check out their glorious instagram for some epic vegan food porn.

I don't have a picture of what I ate, because it is in my tummy...but get the vegan peanut butter sriracha donut and then give me a high five afterward.

MN Vegan