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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Even more stuff I've eaten, etc.

Ah yes, putting things in my mouthhole-one of my favorite past times (present times? I still do this and enjoy it hmmm).
Regardless! I have some more things to show you. So instead of dangling a bunch of proverbial carrots in front of all your faces, let's do it to it, shall we? NO FUCKING AROUND HERE. Also, hope you have fun looking at some crappy, half-eaten, vegan food photos. I know I know, I suck. Sue me.

When does The Bulldog NE's food start getting crappy? The answer to that question is *punches you in the face* 
No but srsly, all kidding aside, this shit is music to my tongue (as opposed to ears, derr). This here is the Chicago not-dog and it is fully vegan in all its amazingosity. Google "Chicago dog" and you'll know what's on it, i.e. I'm too lazy to explain it. Just watch out for those peppers-they'll bite you in the ass (tongue) if you're not prepared.

Since lately, all I can think about is donuts bc of Glam Doll unleashing their vegan variety, I have posted a couple of the vegan glazed variety, me eating said variety, and of how a donut looks after I've eaten most of it because I'm fucking hilarious. God I love myself.


Anyways, you should go now if you haven't.

I wanted to switch it up a bit and show Sociable Cider Works some love. I am not a beer person, but this place makes hard apple cider like no other. Here pictured is a flight of different ciders. They err on the dry side AKA no sweet hard ciders here. I loved it, you all should give them some business!

Well, I'm drunk after all that cider, how about you? Kidding, kidding. Yeah that's right. I got jokes.

GET THERE NOW OR I'LL...I'LL...*explodes*

MN Vegan

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