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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just call me Norine, Professional Scone Connoisseur.

Little known fact: Norine loves (vegan) scones. I don't discriminate either-fluffy scones, hard scones, crumbly and cakey scones. I eats them all.

Like, in a room full of different kinds of scones, each one of them would go into my tummy at some point. Unless one of them clearly was inedible (plastic) or moldy (might still TRY to eat it depending on what it looked like).

IN ANY CASE, I love muh scones and the Twin Cities has a vast variety of vegan ones you can find!

Caffetto Cafe is a favesy so I gots to give them some love. They always carry some sort of vegan scone and they err on the crumbly and less sweet side. Thus, I dub ye my favorite grad school studying spot, Caffetto. Keep up the good work.

Gingko Cofffeehouse in St Paul has the most tender but slightly flaky scone you will ever sink your teeth into. Also, these suckers are modestly-sized, so they don't fill you up too much! *kisses fingers* MOLTO BELLO.  Or whatever. This one had peach in it I think.

The Wedge in uptown carries vegan scones on the daily and they're usually round-shaped. So there's that. I mean, that's fun right? The flavors can be super interesting too!

And last but not least, Isle Bun and Coffee in Uptown. These scone are magnificent, with tender chunks of date and delicious fruit pieces. I love me a scone from Isle Bun.

Honorable mentions because they don't have them all of the time: Mayday Café in South Mpls, Hard Times Café in Cedar-Riverside.

Go on and get your scone on, peeps!

MN Vegan

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