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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bring it around towwwwn...brriiing it around towwwwwn.....

Ya so if you're not cool enough (pfft, you're following my blog, yer probs cool enough), that post subject line is taken from SpongeBob Squarepants. Which is one of the best shows on TV for children right now, albeit it sometimes is wildly inappropriate. Which means, clearly, I love it.

Anyways! You know me, eating delicious food all the time because, goshdarnit MN, you gots the best food around.

Hey are you all going to Twin Cities Veg Fest this Sunday 9/28? I'll be there and I'm totally going to Mistress Ginger's cooking demo because derr, why would you not?

Hey are you all going to Chicago Vegan Mania on October 11th? I'll be there!

Come find me, babes. And we' And eat. Maybe.

Ok! Here's what I've eaten lately:

 Ok so if you've been living under a rock (I know I've done this once or twice. Don't feel bad), you've not heard of Herbivorous Butcher at the Minneapolis Farmers Market probs. Let me tell you-everything I have had (mock meats) from these guys has been the best mock meat I've ever EVER had. That's why I had to post about it again. Amazing. Check out the jerky, in its tangy, delicious sauce here:
They're apparently opening a storefront in the future. JOY.
Also, it's time, yet again, for me to give some love to Pizza Luce. Below is their tofu hash and some tofu benedict (I think...). Both amazing. I shame you for not being there now, eating these tasty morsels. SHAME ON YOU. SHAAAAAME.
*swiftly exits*
I'm OUT!!
MN Vegan