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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy golden b day to meeeeeeee

Like, almost a month ago but meh. I turned 28 years old on Dec 28 and it was nothing short of friggin magical.

Wanna know what I did?? Do ya?

Of course you do.

Well, my first course of action was to get my brunch paid for by my parents so we went to French Meadow Bakery and I got this...some bowl full of tempeh and other things.

The tempeh left a lot to be desired honestly-it looked like it had been unpackaged and then just drizzled in sauce. I've had better at FMB (honestly pretty consistently) so I would chalk this up as a fluke and the gods clearly trying to punish me for being 28/awesome/badass on my b day. Whatevs universe. There was and is clearly no stopping me at this point so give up, ya jerks.

Then I promptly headed to AG Thomson House (a bed and breakfast in Duluth, MN) where I received an in-suite massage (!) and a vegan breakfast at my door the next morning. Here's some choice pictures from that whole thing:

What's a golden b day without soaking in an in-suite jacuzzi and watching Breaking Bad while getting ripped on some wine, am I right?

IT WAS BOMB. This b&b takes care of you to a T. I was very pleased with my stay and would recommend it to anyone. The food was fantastic and so was the service.

Finally, my awesome co-worker made me a vegan cheesecake:

Why is my life so awesome? ANSWER ME NOW DAMMIT.

You guys, book your stay at AG Thomson House. It is a mere 2 hours away from the Twin Cities and is just the mini-vacay I needed to get me charged and ready for my last grad school term (!!!)

Get there now!!

MN Vegan