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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Y'all ever tried organic fro-yo and been like daaaaaaaaaamn I wish they had a vegan version of this stuff! Well look no further than Fro Yo Soul....yo. Hee.
They have a food truck (look at their website/Twitter for current locations, current vegan flavors, junk like that), and one fine day (during Art-A-Whirl bc shit was poppin) they were parked right outside my damn house! Cool beans!
I tried the mango I think and it's all self-serve. Their food truck charges by the weight so you get as many toppings as you'd like (also check the website for these bc they srsly have a whole bunch. I chose berries to top my coconut-based fro yo!)

Ok now that you're properly in a sugar coma, why don't you drive to Edina (just a little southwest of Mpls) and check out Pizza Rev bc srsly this place is going to blow your freakin mind. It's like Chipotle for pizza and they have vegan cheese and meat! It's all personal pan sizes. You pick your crust (gluten free or regular but they taste the same-totally awesome btw) and then your sauce and toppings. They fire that shit up for probably like 5-8 minutes at most in their wood fire oven et voila!:

I can't even describe the deliciousness-it seriously may have become the best pizza in the Twin Cities for me. You try it and get back to me on that tho bc f'reals...I don't even know what to say except TRY IT PEOPLE.
Okeee byeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

MN Vegan