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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Food truckin'.

This is just how we do (in freakin 95 degree weather). Tim's ass couldn't take it, so we basically ate and left. Psssh. MOVE THEN, TIM, IF YOU DON'T LIKE SUMMER.

I went to the Minnesota Food Truck Association's event at Bauhaus Brewery this last weekend in an effort to try and pin down for you guys some vegan food truck options. And boy, did I find some!
Here goes nothing (read: everything):

Vegan dog from Cafe Racer (ask about their options-nothing on the menu is explicitly vegan but they have vegan hot dogs and stuff). This had potato chips, hot peppers and mustard. Yummmmm. They also have a store front! Bomb.

Foxy Falafel has a storefront over in St Paul  that I've reviewed before (check the tags, yo). Their falafels are friggin amazing. Get some!

Stanley's in NE has a food truck and a vegan hummus wrap on their menu. I love going to the actual bar for sports games and drinking their sangria. WIN WIN.

Moral Omnivore had a curry quinoa squash thingy that was  pretty damn good AND-it's labeled on their menu. Daaaaamn check it outtttt.

And of course, I gots to get me some Fro Yo Soul vegan frozen yogurt. I topped my coconut-based softserve with cinnamon toast crunch and strawberries (naturally). Always a hit with me, know what I'm sayin?

And I didn't forget to wash it all down with some Spruce Soda. Kickass, delicious ginger beer yummm.

Google these food trucks, visit Bauhaus sometime, EAT. DRINK. PROSPER, MY DEAR READERS.


MN Vegan

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