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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Oh hell yes Duluth!

So I am now a licensed graduate social worker, just passed my licensing test nbd. To celebrate my achievements and subsequent hair loss over this whole ordeal my parents bought me a $50 dollar gift card to the Duluth Grill, a really awesome and very vegan-friendly eatery in the heart of downtown Duluth. Then the 'rents were all like "hey this giftcard is for you but also for us bc we want you to take a day trip to Duluth with us and use this...on us!!! Surprise!!!" 
Yup. They wanted me to take them out to dinner with the giftcard THEY bought me.Wth, parents. Ass backwards, that's HOW WE DO.
To my mother's and my surprise (or horror, rather bc we realized that we were about to eat A LOT of food), there are many vegan options here. Who woulda thought? The place looks like a damn Ground Round on the outside and freals if I'm being honest, the only thing that came to mind was chicken fingers (screw you Ground Round bc those were MY FREAKIN JAM-with honey mustard of course) when we rolled up.
Alas! Never fear! This place is so vegan friendly it hurts. In a good way. Yap. 

Check it out!!!:

This here is the polenta lettuce wraps that we got as an appetizer. That green sauce is...saucy. *dies laughing* No but was some basil-y sauce or something. Good stuff. The polenta was perfectly fried and not greasy.

This was the kimchi raw-violi bites. Daaaaamn-that filling. So so good. Best appetizer, hands down. My dad even ate it but don't tell him I told you that.


My mom got this healthy thing pfft idk. Jk it was actually sooper good. The (not) noodles for this raw-sta (snort!) are made from zucchini, which tastes like nothing but...dat sauce tho. That sauce is heaven. Very good dish tho I did scoff at it bc: zucchini noodles.

I got the vegan omelet and it was SO GOOD. I rarely see someone attempt to make this shit. That guacamole was amazing. I got the sesame kale on the side. Perfection. 

I'm so glad the world didn't end before the end of this meal because this chocolate ice cream (made from avocados!) with this vegan snickerdoodle cookie would have been the perfect thing to be eating while kicking the bucket. Which reminds me-if any of you can help remind me (bc of course I'm going to opt to be senile and possibly have the worst short term memory when I'm older) that the day I die I want to go out choking on food like this. 

That is possibly the most disturbing thing I've written on this blog and I apologize (no I don't). Let's see if I can up the ante in the next entry, shall we? #goals

I'm out!!! Get to Duluth now for these tasty morsels or you'll be hearing from me and I'll probably just be whining at you to take me with anyway so just go already.

MN Vegan


  1. I just moved to Minneapolis, but I'm from Duluth originally--love this post! It's true, Duluth Grill is one of the only spots up north with any vegan options (and for a year or two they had actually gotten rid of all of them...) Looking forward to my new life in vegan-friendly Minneapolis after being completely spoiled with a couple years living in Los Angeles. Keep up the great writing!

    1. Thanks! Hope you find this blog helpful!!!
      S Norine