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Monday, August 24, 2015


First order of bidness: I has an FB now. Check it here! (Clicky and uhh...likey!!)

Eyyyyy get ready for the latest and greatest (read: my faves of what I put into my mouthhole recently):

There's this place near me called Mojo Coffee Gallery (art gallery and coffee bar) and it is the jam. I love this place and I know I said this last time but it amazed me so I have to mention is again: some dude was making a huge fish out of garbage while I sat there eating my vegan veggie burger. And I kid you not, this guy was methodical and hypnotizing to watch. Also I might have been kinda tipsy. SUCH IS LIFE.

Anyways I ate there again and watched another art thingy happen, check the pics!:

That's the inside of the place. Did I mention that I'm a coffee/tea cup collector and that this place is my effing kryptonite? Everything's on sale. I literally walk up in that place holding back all demons inside myself telling me to BUY ALL THE THINGS. Yap.

The outside deck on a beautiful rainy day. 

The bomb cup of half-caff joe I had. Pretty sure this was a half-caff Americano technically, but it tasted very good and I don't even like espresso typically so that prob means something. Take notes.

I can't remember what this dude was making...but they have a big screen that also shows you in case you don't want to sit there slowing eating your food and zombie-ing out right in front of the artist like a creep (totally going to do that sometime FYI).

So they have several vegan items (including a bombass vegan burger) but this is their vegan bahn mi. I swear to all that is good and holy in the world, there's effing magic in that vegan mayo.  It's spicy af!

I don't know why I took another pic of their patio but I did. Bc it's pretty maybe? Idk.

H'okay moving on. I hosted a vegan dining meetup (check out the Minneapolis Vegan Meetup on to hang out with cool peeps) and we all went to Agra Culture, this newer place in Uptown (bane of my existence to drive through/*throws major shade*). They have a ton of really great vegan options there and this vegan orange currant scone, though it did have the texture of a muffin, was very good! 

Le piece de la resistance (bwaaah I never know what I'm typing anymore) tho was this guy here-the agra plate. You pick what goes into it so it ends up being different every time for me. I don't know what is with their thai sauce but it must have friggin magic in it too bc I swear I could fly after eating this stuff. 

Good thing I didn't fly away though because I really like donuts. That last sentence made no sense. Anyhoo, my friend Karrie makes gluten free vegan donuts and sells them every Wed at the Capella Tower in downtown Mpls. GET THE MAPLE (COCONUT) BACON ONE. OR THE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE ONE. OR THE LEMON ONE. OR ALL OF THEM JUST GET ALL OF THEM. They are so so so good. Follow her stuff to see where she will be selling next-Totally Baked Donuts on FB.

Okey dokey I think I'm gonna waddle my way outta here *starts taking a food nap at her desk*


MN Vegan

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