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Thursday, September 17, 2015

I call this entry "Noms, chapter 59,386":

Yooooooooo what's good.


Sometimes I host a Minneapolis Vegan Meet-up Dine Out. And we go to delicious places around the Mpls/StP area. And we eat food and general merriment ensues. It's a good time and you should join meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

So. Food and stuff. I got you. Here's some great places to get some bomb India-inspired cuisine.

I recently went to Namaste Cafe and holy crap. Just...just look at the pics ok? Pretty sure I don't have to break this down much for you:

Ok so from top to bottom, let's do this! For the appetizer, me and mother dearest shared some spicy potatoes, which are a crowd favorite-slightly crunchy and perfectly spiced. Next we got the mango coconut curry with tofu-sweet and spicy! And then last but not least, the coconut carrot creme brûlée, which is always a great way to end a meal (i.e. very full). Namaste is good for many reasons, such as: romantic place to bring a first date (twinkly lights), vegan stuff is labeled on the menu, that there coconut creme brûlée, the chai tea, etc etc. Woop!

Ok, next. Bombay Bistro has a lunch buffet that is so freaking tasty and all-you-can-eat-y, I can't even. I told that to the guy running the joint after my meal and he was all like girl, 

and then all of sudden, I could. Magic/sorcery!


Here's is all the tasty-looking stuff that's vegan in the buffet. There's probably more there during the lunch buffet (for less than $15 all you can eat), but I barely survived this buffet because EVERYTHING. Literally everything was on point so hard I almost stabbed myself w it. It's also pretty central in downtown Mpls-get it! Also ask the ppl there what is vegan-they're super friendly and helpful. 

Ok Fasika. I don't know how I went so long without trying your cuisine, but a couple weeks ago, I gave up the fight to resist your charms. This here is the veggie sampler (all vegan, with my friends lovely finger in the shot):

This place is in ye old StP and it is totally worth the jaunt. Some of the stuff on this plate was totally waaay spicy, like I likes it. Get this, you will not be disappointed!!

Ok guys, I'm srsly stuffed. Jk *goes to Dancing Ganesha for the gobi manchurian and stuffs face more* (also, go there bc it is bomb food too)

I'm out!!! *waddles away*

MN Vegan

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