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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Holy buckets.

Lookyyy what I made!!!:

You guys, vegan meringue is officially a thing. How exciting is that?! I used to bake vegan stuff for a living and tbh hadn't done much baking in a while. That there is a dark chocolate meringue pie and its total meringue-y goodness sent me into a blissful sugar coma (that eventually induced a nightmare but whatevs I can deal) and also, it's super effing pretty, am I right? Yum.

Ok I also ate places too. I lead a Minneapolis Vegan Meetup Dine Out recently at Sen Yai Sen Lek (NE rep'in! Whaaaat) and ate these delicious thingies:

Ok so here's the thing...I love this place. They have a separate vegan/vegetarian/gluten free menu if you ask them. I got the mango curry thing and for dessert the banana coconut rice dessert thing. Everything there is pretty much stellar tho so go and gives them yer monies, yo. I would highly recommend the above dishes but I tell you...I was drooling over every body else's dish, as per usual. 

Get therrrrrrrrrrrrre. Yas.

MN Vegan


  1. The food looks awesome! I hope you bring the meringue thing for the holidays.....